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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 05:00

15350606 1625994964368600 2209346127284004181 nWhen describing The Darts, they themselves refer that they are an all girl beat combo and they rock and roll!  It's as simple as that folks: their gender matters not, because this record is a killer collection of garage fuzz with more than a pinch of punk rock attitude sprinkled with some superb pop sensibilities.  Having previously graced the cyber pages of Uber Rock certain members have gone back into the garage and not so much thrown a band together but have certainly left the edges frayed… but not in a contrived way because this record is both loud and rockin'.


Leaning heavily on a Stooges vibe with added keyboard or organ however you want to window dress it this a fuzzed out big bass drummed Farfisa organed lo-fi drop of goodness for the soul.  In a day and age when computers in music is the king with drums being tracked and digitalised this is a step away from all of that with real songs dripping in passion and written from a place that only genuine people who love where they're coming from can make.


Sure, there is a large part 60s happening here but it's rough edges add charm to songs like 'You Got Me' and the great arrangement on 'Take What I Need'.  'My Heart Is A Graveyard' is a blindingly good track from the guitar riff to the hook on the keyboards this seriously will kick your backside coming on like a Stooged up early Blondie track.  'Evil Wayz' sounds like the most terrifying Scooby Do soundtrack with that Farfisa taking the lead.


'I Wanna Get You Off' has a great guitar lick that takes you to the breakdown and some great vocals and gang vocals before a killer chorus for what leads me to my favourite song - hell they've even slung on a bonus track of a censored version for all those PC kids out there who don't like having their ears rubbed by some suggestive lyrics uttered from these ladies. For the ending, they take it down a notch or two for 'Kiss Of Fire': as the organ rings out, Nicole Laurenne bangs out an impressive vocal to go with that organ she wields all over this fantastic record.



Simply put, The Darts have come up with a very impressive debut album and put together a band that highlights their huge talent and they might go back to their day jobs in bands you might already have heard but I'd hazzard a guess that if you took a chance on this then you might know them from the band The Darts in future. Winner!