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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 21 December 2016 05:00

kurtbakercomboinorbitdigitalcovervinylandcdYou want power pop? Well Kurt Baker is power pop!  Under his many guises, Kurt has released some truly awesome power pop with many line ups. The guy just has his pop picking finger right on the money it would seem - every single damn time!  


You only have to fire up the old stereo and turn the dial up to a decent wall shaking level then hit play - In Orbit is - well; out of this world! Boy Meets girl falls in and out of love, he loves fast cars - trips to the mall - Rock and Roll records - fighting over girls.  Good girls - Bad girls - being in love - being outta love - you get the picture kids because Kurt carries the whole damn lot in his trusty armoury from every cool as fuck backbeat to fuzzy guitar break to cool gang vocals it's shoe horned into this damn record. 


Damn by the time you reach halfway you should be in bits revelling in this.  Sure, its been done before but Baker has this knack of sounding like everyone who passed before, from The Glitter Band to Costello to The Cars or The Jags to Joan Jett or the pure thoroughbred rock and roll of Rockpile.  It's like the genre never existed before KB:  it's all a figment of a furtive imagination - it doesn't matter that it's unoriginal, what matters is the here and now, and that for every three minutes offered up throughout this record it's on the money and done to the very best standard possible from the arrangements to the songwriting to the delivery this is as good as power pop ever gets. 


To pick a favourite would be folly, but 'Modern Day Rock And Roll Girl' wouldn't be far off the tip of my tongue if you put a gun to my head.   It's class from its muted riff to the stomp towards the chorus and back again. Oh, and the lyrics are cool as as well but that was a given!


By the time you reach the retro of 'Ugly Way To Be' you start having anxiety attacks because you know the record is coming to an end: but let yourself chill, because 'Jerkin' Back And Forth' is about to riff the hell out, then the finale of 'Do It For You' as those sharp guitar parts get even sharper and we rock and roll to the repeat button.  


If you don't believe me then go Spotify or whatever it is you do these days and throw Kurt Baker into the search engine - and when you're done you can find me and thank me.


My only question is when is the next record ready? Don't believe those people who tell you that too much of a good thing isn't healthy, because I can tell you that you can't get enough of this guy and his rock and roll: it's sweet, sweet soul music or music for the soul - you get the picture... now go get the record:  there's something in here for everyone - and then some.