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Written by Dave Prince   
Thursday, 22 December 2016 05:30

Theme From Alex - Part GhostsRhondda's own Theme From Alex return from a somewhat self-imposed exile. Having released their debut album back in 2003, main man Matthew Alexander Powell and TfA regular Edd Sprague, along with bassist Jamie Roberts and drummer Lionel 'Blare' Thomas, have crafted a modern yet soulful slab of rock music that sounds immense, all thanks to the great production by Lee Howells and Powell.


The opening duo of ‘Broken Man’ and ‘Brittlewing’ are unleashed upon the listener’s ears with such a force that it left me a little breathless as I wasn't expecting what I heard. Thankfully on ‘Canute’ the band takes a breather and it is this song that hooks me in. I'm not taking anything away from the first two tracks but it is this songs that pulls me in deeper.


And there from there I'm caught up in the glorious sound of a band doing their own thing and I'm loving it. ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Mad Season’ sound like they could have come straight from the '90s, but that is not to say they are derivative at all, as they sound amazing, fresh and modern. 


One of my favourite songs on ‘Part Ghost’ is ‘Comfort The Ride’, which features a lead vocal from Blare, whose music throughout the years has soundtrack many important times in my life, from his times with ‘Psycho Elliott’. However, even if he wasn't singing on this track, it is the verses’ mellow vibes and stop start chorus that make this a winner for me. 


If you in the mood for a great sounding homegrown long player, then ‘Part Ghost’ definitely needs a look at. After waiting for what seems like years for this to happen I am just happy that the band have finally got the record out for everyone to get their hands on it.