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Written by Marc Leach   
Monday, 11 December 2017 04:00

Klaus Joynson artworkYou can imagine my shock and horror when I found in my inbox a “Doctor Who concept album”. Why was this shocking? It’s because it wasn’t me, a life time Doctor Who fan, who recorded it! All joking aside, Liverpudlian Klaus Joynson takes us on a journey through time and space as he pays tribute to a television show that has spanned over half a century and his impacted the hearts of generations.


This album is built up of 14 tracks, but it’s 12 of them that symbolise the amount of Doctors there have been over the years, with each track written in tribute to the music of that generation. While its intro and outdo are in no way a cover of the theme itself, ‘Space & Time’ and ‘Time & Space’ is Joynson’s adaptation of the classic theme tune all while featuring the screeching sound of the old girl herself, the TARDIS. From William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton, ‘Verity & Delia’ and ‘Base Under Siege,’ Joynson tries to get his audience swinging with these The Beatles/Rolling Stones cringe worthy tracks. Of course, die hard Doctor Who fans will get a lot of the references (such as ‘Verity & Delia’ being about the two important females who got Doctor Who off the ground in 1963) but sadly, a mixture of the off time drums and Joynson’s woeful vocals doesn’t start the record off well.


From the swinging 60s to the 70s where Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker took over the role, Joynson moves on to a more glam rock sound while paying reference to the likes of the Autons and The Daemons for ‘Five Rounds Rapid.’ Again, even the use of some of the famous speeches, like the one said in the episode ‘Genesis Of The Daleks,' made by the long scarfed rascal Tom Baker during ‘Walking In Eternity’ can’t save the tracks from sounding good. Travelling into the 80s when Peter Davidson and Colin Baker controlled the TARDIS, Joynson goes from the Human League-esque ‘Soap Opera’ to the awful Alice Cooper style ‘Megabyte Modem’ which features one of the worse guitar solos I have ever heard; so bad that it would have made both Peter’s celery and Colin’s afro wither. It’s the portion of the album that tells of Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann’s that is the worse part of this whole record, especially the McCoy referenced ‘Masterplan’ that is mostly made up of guitar feedback which will make any listener turn over instantly. I wonder if this was done intentionally because it was around this period was when Doctor Who had reached it’s downfall.


Thankfully this record does pick up once again for the rather catchy ‘Fantastic!’ And ‘Casanova Supernova,’ paying tribute to Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant all while keeping to a Kasabian / The Zutons style of music. I did have to chuckle about the title of the David Tennant track, playing with the fact that the actor was Casanova before he became the most popular Doctor since Tom Baker. Considering Joynson is a DJ, you would think he would be good in this field but sadly this is far from the case for the atrocious drum and bass track ‘Reversong’ which was more confusing than a Stephen Moffat story line during Matt Smith’s seasons. Thank god for the hilarious tongue-in-cheek ‘Drunk In Time’ which pays reference to Peter Capaldi, the most recent incarnation, who is also famous for playing the foul mouthed Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It. This tracks has plenty of foul mouthed lyrics which perfectly sums up the fact that we all want to see and hear a spoof of Tucker taking over the TARDIS; imagine him against the Daleks!


There is ups and downs throughout this record, sadly mostly downs. While I can appreciate the amount of quotes and references used throughout, the music itself is the biggest let down of them all. From the out of time drums, to that god awful guitar solo during ‘Megabyte Modem’ to Joynson’s overall vocals. Whether he is being serious or just having fun where his vocals are concerned, either way it is the biggest turn off for this record that will make even the Daleks themselves want to exterminate this from existence itself.


‘Adventures In Time & Space’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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