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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Monday, 11 December 2017 04:20

Psychedelic Witchcraft artworkHaving been lucky enough to have reviewed the first Psychedelic Witchcraft album, I figured having the chance of a listen to their newest offering would be a great way to go. Second albums, as is well known, can be rather awkward. Do the band stick to their initial sound, or look to expand into other areas?


This was obviously something that Psychedelic Witchcraft have taken on board and decided for a slight twist from their first full-length effort from last year. I have to say, it definitely works for them. Whereas ‘The Vision’ from last year had a bit of a softer, Jefferson Airplane tint to their writing, this new effort is somewhat more ballsy, with a stoner/blues heavy feel that works extremely well with more powerful and rougher vocals than were mostly previously used. Whether there has been a definite play towards the stoner market that seems to be quite en vogue at the moment is debatable, but it is definitely performed with aplomb.


The album starts well with a scene-setting instrumental in 'Maat', before taking an interesting turn in its sound, as songs like the single 'Rising on the Edge' demonstrate riffs that could only be inspired by Tony Iommi and a solo that nods heavily towards Slash - obviously not the worst mix of guitarists to choose from! There is a definite sense of drive with a lot of the tracks, unlike the previous album where some tracks, while still enjoyable, rather meandered at times, rather than dragged you along with them.


A couple of tracks, namely ‘Let Me Be Myself’ and ‘Sound Of The Wind’, revisit their previous sound a touch more, tracks which still work well and sit alongside the newer harder edge tracks with ease. You still get the feel of the ‘70s psych that ‘The Vision’ had first shown us, but this time the feeling of inclusion, of being part of it, is a lot stronger than perhaps was felt before. Fans of their previous work will not be disappointed, however, as there is still plenty of that on offer. Stand out tracks would be ‘Rising On The Edge’, ‘Lords Of The War’ and ‘Let Me Be Myself’, though they are by no means a massive standout from what is an excellent album from start to finish. Another extremely strong album, enhancing a reputation they earned with last year's effort.


‘Sound Of The Wind’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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