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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 04:00

jdhangoverDark and dusty, this six-song strong sampler is a blues garage trip: part Suicide, part Gallon Drunk, part Cave and part Gun Club… you get the general picture! Its lo-fi in the best possible way: it's dark but not too dark, and it's got style but not over substance.


'Barrelhouse Queen' sees the duo kick things off with a morning after 'fuzzy head' bit of slide guitars echoing around the room as it builds, not to a cacophony but to a really good climax: I like it a lot: the guitar howls rather than screams, but it sounds oh so sweet. Especially when the barroom joanna briefly kicks in.  


Drum machine leads the way on the loose 'Headspinner Blues', which is like a comedown Dylan meets the delta mash up.  'Mr Williamson’ reminds me of the territory Bobby Gillespie likes to occupy in his head before he lets the scream team in.  


'Broken Bones Blues' is certainly in Suicide territory, with the repetitive drum loop, but this is far more listenable to me and my tender ears. 'Problem Child' is neither a fucked up cover of the Damned classic nor a dark version of the AC/DC tune (oh, how I wish it were) but a bass heavy trip through the fuzzed up landscape that this short long player offers: organic and intriguing, the traditional sounds they create have sculptured some very enjoyable and listenable slabs of music.  


Pour yourself a large glass of room temperature whiskey, turn the lights down and the stereo up and get lost in some of this rock and roll malarkey: it's good for you - honest.


‘J.D Hangover’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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