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Written by Mark Ashby   
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 05:00

illnath1Despite having been around for a little over a decade, this female-fronted Danish death metal outfit are not exactly the most productive, with this being - appropriately enough - only their third album in this period.


The overall impression left by this particular opus is one of Angela Gossow (a brief pause here to wipe away the drool and a visit to the bathroom) fronting Cradle Of Filth (another brief visit needed to the bathroom, but for different reasons) or Mercyful Fate (here we open the front door to welcome the lord of darkness himself into the room)!


Vocalist Mona Beck growls her way across some sweepingly symphonic but brutal musical landscapes - although things don't start well, with a parping keyboard intro to the opening title track which wouldn't sound out of place on an Abba album. However, this is quickly cast aside as the album ploughs its way through more than 55 minutes of well-crafted melodic blackness. The bass section of Kenneth Frandsen and Reno Killerich make a thoroughly decent fist of laying the foundations for the guitar work of Pete Falk (no relation to the late star of Colombo?) and his excellent fret work. Despite its dodgy intro, 'Third Act' evolves into as good an example of the genre as you're likely to hear, while the likes of 'Lead The Way', 'Shorthanded', the vicious 'Vampiria' and especially 'Tree Of Life And Death' and the epic 'Fall Of Giants' are more than deserving of a place on any death-head's putrefying playlist.


Oh, and before you rush off to download it, the CD version comes with a bonus track, 'Kingship Incarnate', which makes it worth the extra effort tracking down a physical copy.