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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 19 December 2009 21:28

striketwice1Strike Twice; strange name for a band. Doesn't really say a lot about who or what they are, unlike Sgt. Roxx for example, but these bad boys knock up a din somewhere between Poison and Shark Island with a healthy dose of Skid Row thrown in for good measure.


Eleven tracks culled from 1985-91 kicks off with 'Tuff Luck' and already their colours are nailed to the mast; it is big, loud and full-on flash licks and chanted chorus vocals whilst the drummer hits that ride like his life depends on it. 


The sleeve blurb tells a familiar tale of hard luck and unfortunate turns of events for this five piece who eventually hung up their cowboy boots due to the grunge cull of the early 90's... that is until now. 'Never Let Go' sounds like a track never used by Tattooed Love Boys or one Bret Michaels and co would have written. Maybe that's the problem here, a very 'of its time' record, lacking in originality. Although played and produced well it is missing that little something extra which is perhaps why I had never heard of Strike Twice back in the day.


A special mention must go to these guys for penning a song called 'D.F.W.M.' (yeah, Don't Fuck With Me! Go eat your hearts out, Nikki and Axl). If sleazy hair metal is your thing then Eonian Records have a collection of American bands on their roster that'll have you reaching for the hair brush mic and your sister's guy liner before you can say "Who the fuck were Nirvana?"