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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Saturday, 19 December 2009 22:10

borntoexpireI stumbled across this on a very reputable hardcore blogspot and was so blown away I thought it needed to be brought to the attention of every self-respecting Über Röcker. They're touting it as a legit freebie via the download link below, so go get it. 


Peddling the heaviest metalcore (proper shit here, no stylised trendy bollocks) you'll hear this lifetime,' Soothsayer' sees Auburn, New York's Born To Expire draw on a sizeable Crowbar influence with a fuck-off hardcore streak running right down the middle. Brooding intro 'Saint Peter' gives way to the blasting 'Condemned', reminding you of the first time you heard Crowbar's masterful 'Broken Glass.'


Mixing slower off-kilter sections, really gut-churning riffs with more bottom-end than a valley bird in McDonald's and breakdowns the way they were meant to be, this is one motherfucker to get the blood pumping. Hardly original but brutally effective, get a load of this and get that daily ten minutes of downtuned violence your doctor recommended (or maybe I just made that bit up).


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