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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 20 December 2009 16:33

quireboysfancyWhere do you start with such a monumental release? Was it really twenty years ago? Oh God, how time flies when you're enjoying yourself. This long since deleted release gets the anniversary bonus track and remastered treatment....and why not? 


Just open the box, slip it in the player and crank it up. Let's be honest here, these Northern monkeys with a bag full of good time tunes certainly knew how to enjoy themselves and were rightfully successful at a time when the Americans were cleaning up the rock 'n' roll market. These cats looked great and sounded better; from the opening honky tonk of '7 O' Clock', with its wonderful mantra, through the sleazy rock 'n' roll riff of 'Man On the Loose' and the cool, smouldering 'Whippin' Boy', all the way to the top of the popstastic 'Hey You', these boys were everything that was great in music. 


Besides the quality music, they seemed to be having an absolute ball carving out support slots and destroying the likes of Aerosmith, the Reading Festival, even Donington buckled to The Quireboys as they gained fans with a thirst for their style and craft. 


This expanded twenty song offering is as good as it got twenty years ago and still, to this day in 2009, stands tall as a phenomenal debut album and even if you owned it on vinyl and could never find a copy on CD, well now's your chance. Any youngsters reading who might not be aware of the band, go get it - it's a bloody classic and one you'll be proud to own.