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Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 08:32

Killing_Mood_coverBloody Hell!!!! This CD really has had us scratching our heads at Uber Rock, I can tell you.

Should we review it or not?  Does it really fit in with what we are doing here?


Well, I'm going to let you guys decide that, because even though Killing Mood is basically a Swedish country/bluegrass band/project, what they do throughout the twelve tracks that make up 'Just Another Love Song' is produce a rather wonderful journey into the world of musical melancholy and darkness that would have normally been occupied by the likes of Julee Cruise and Nina Simone in years gone by. So, as this is hardly mainstream stuff and something quite unique in this time and space, and as such Killing Mood certainly get my full attention.


Other than being fronted by Australian singer/songwriter Belinda Kordic, it's really hard to find anything out about this band/project and to a degree I actually find that adds stimulus to the musical mystique that 'Just Another Love Song' conjures up. But what I have found out is that Belinda states the influences behind the songs as the human desire and craving for love, and the desperate and vain attempts to avoid death.


Both of these subjects are pretty much prevalent throughout but on tracks like 'Killing You' and  'Love Burns' they perfectly blend the bad love gone to hell subject matter into their delicate musical storyboards, and an engaging and engrossing way.



The overall feel of this album is hugely reminiscent of one of my favourite albums from 2008 'Raising Sand' from Plant/Krauss, which was a huge seller worldwide and whilst Killing Mood's 'Just Another Love Song' isn't going to appeal to every Uber Rocker, I do think that its rather unique fragility and depth of musical subject matter will draw some of you in as it has me (not unlike the 'Raising Sand' album did).


'Just Another Love Song' is an album to enjoy (but not exclusively I might add) at three o'clock in the morning on the headphones with a bottle of fine wine. You just close your eyes and wrap yourself up in the quite beautiful voice of Belinda whilst she takes you into an 'Orbit' of self-awareness.


Frighteningly beautiful, yet shatteringly powerful, this is music to move the listener.