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Written by Gaz E   
Thursday, 31 December 2009 21:46

1sosuseWhen this CD arrived at ÜRHQ packaged with a promo book of SOS matches it told me one of two things; either this album was a hard-edged powder keg just waiting for a spark of ignition, or it was so bad that it had to be burnt after playback. Happily, the answer was the former.


New York City's SOS, self described as "heavy melodic groove merchants", were formed in 1995 and 'Adult Situations' is the band's fifth release and the first to feature Teddy Matwijiw, formerly of Ghost Of St Patrick's, recruited as a replacement for guitarist Mike Vitiglio who left after recording 2005's 'A Guide To Better Living'.


Fusing metal, punk and hardcore influences, the dozen tracks on 'Adult Situations' are of a down and dirty breed; grimy, grebo and with a sludgy heaviness that will leave your speakers muddy...but in a good way! Some of the more melodic moments - the track 'Daddy Like' for instance - hint at the few high points to claw their way out of the grunge movement, while there is a definite Circus Of Power style vibe to a fistful of the material, including 'The Bane Of Joe Smolinsky'.


A no frills, no fucking around album with minimalistic cover art that turned up out of the blue and I'm damn happy that it did. Well worth investigating further if you like your music hard and intense which, of course, you do.