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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Monday, 03 December 2012 04:00

Wonk Unit MuffyI like Wonk Unit. I like the way that, no matter how shit things might be, a Wonk Unit song always makes things better. ‘Muffy’ follows hot on the heels of last year’s tremendous ‘Wonk Unit Saved My Life/Trolleys Thank You’ with another 14 songs of breath-taking songsmithery (if there’s such a word) that’ll each take turns to be stuck in your head for days. But whereas ‘WUSML/TTY’ was a balls-out roar of punk angst, ‘Muffy’ is a more laid back affair. Now anyone who knows me would know that ordinarily I’d run a mile from an acoustic-based album but again that’s the beauty of Wonk Unit. They manage to make absolutely anything compulsive listening. Hence I wait for their collaboration with an orchestra with baited breath; only kidding. Having said that though, whilst the album was originally touted as having no electric guitar on it at all, there are a few songs that break that rule, and actually make the record a much more rounded release.


Kicking off with the quirk, Cramps meets Bad Manners ‘Spooky House’ you’re immediately drawn into the ‘different’ world of Alex, Pwosion and co. ‘Love Of My Life’ is a skanktastic number with it’s brass and guitar mix before we get the brilliantly cathartic ‘Stigmata’. If the words ‘Johnny Rambo’ aren’t stuck in your head after a few spins then you’re probably missing your drop C tuned seven string. Next up is the only weak link of the record, as no matter how much I’ve tried to warm to it ‘Horses’ just reminds me of those horrible Czech fairy tales that BBC seemed to show every Christmas. Fortunately everything’s right back on track quickly with the agi-acoustic vibe of ‘Sinking’ and the first non-acoustic track ‘Plasterer’, which is simple finger-in-the-eye punk rock at its best. ‘You Married A Tortured Genius’ is the work of one, whilst ‘Donkey Of The Damned’ is the kind of song Green Day wish they could still write. ‘She Cut Her Finger’ is simply one of the best songs Wonk Unit have ever written. With some typically inane lyrics overlaying a catchy as fuck acoustic rhythm and a well-placed smattering of trumpet it’s a brilliant song. ‘Pearl White Awkwardness’ plugs the guitars back in and is a stormer of Snuff/China Drum proportions. The mellow ‘Lady’ gives way to the ultimate angst anthem of the manual worker ‘Pon The Scaffold The Wind Cuts Through’ with its ‘Cement You Cunt’ refrain that should grace everyone’s Christmas Tea with the family this and every year. Recent video track ‘Elbows’ brings the beef (and will ring true with anyone who suffers London Transport with any regularity) before ‘The Woods’ finishes everything is low key style with tales of teenage fantasies (well hunting for discarded porn mags actually).


The songwriting is what has always lifted Wonk Unit above the rest of the pack and ‘Muffy’ serves further testament to this, Alex Johnson yet again turning out songs that stick to you like a freshly flicked turd.


Another essential listen.

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