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Written by Jamie Richards   
Thursday, 20 December 2012 04:00

worldfirebrigadeWorld Fire Brigade are a super-group of sorts, made up of Fuel frontman Brett Scallions, Smile Empty Soul singer Sean Danielson and Eddie Wohl who has production credits for Anthrax and 36 Crazyfists amongst others.


They’ve formed a song writing alliance for some time, and apparently considered the bunch of songs contained within this album as ‘too good to give away’ so set about recording the material themselves. It’s a hearty boast, but does it stand up you ask? Well, frankly, not for me it doesn’t.


Not that it’s terrible, that would be an unfair stick to bash the record with, but quite honestly it sounds like just what I would expect from a couple of singers and a producer. You see I’m an old romantic I guess, and the thought of someone being a ‘song writing professional’ just never sits easy with me; I like my songs to be written from the gut, or the heart, not from an ideas board or a brain storming session.


Inevitably what you get then is a record put together by a committee, a record that whilst being excellently played is ultimately lacking in any real passion, a record that was made with the intention of being ‘listenable’ to a casual rock radio punter, kinda like Nickelback or Shinedown I guess. It’s polished of course, there’s the occasional ballad, there’s plenty of heavy riffs, I’m sure some would say it “kicks ass, man,” but I wouldn’t, I’d say it sucks balls and even a solo on ‘Shell of Me’ from my dearly beloved Mike McCready of Pearl Jam (the true saviours of rock ‘n’ roll) can’t save it.


The band may believe their own hype, Scallions is quoted in the press blurb “the record is filled with emotions…heavy sing along melodies……you don’t hear too much of this style of music,” where as I would disagree; I hear far too much of this style of music, and quite honestly the whistling on the song ‘Fly’ is jaw dropping in all its dry-lipped, half-heartedness. Will World Fire Brigade create a world-wide forest fire with their Alter Bridge meets Linkin Park average-ness? Well personally (get ready for the inevitable pun) I’d doubt it.


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