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Written by Jo Hayes   
Wednesday, 19 December 2012 03:30

crownsStitchesInTheFlagOriginally hailing from Cornwall, now residing in London, but sounding very much like they come from somewhere in Ireland. This is the debut album from Crowns, out on Ship Wreckords.


Apparently Crowns are influenced by traditional Cornish music, as well as Punk-Pop, so maybe my label of sounding Irish is a bit generic, but having never heard traditional Cornish music before, I'm bound to be wrong.


First song 'Stitches In The Flag' bursts into folky pop-punk, very much akin to Flogging Molly. The rest of the album runs a similar theme, and sounds like a band you might see placed on the Lock Up stage at Reading or Leeds festival.


'My London' is different than the other songs, slow, accoustic, aching vocals. This shows off their ability to make a song Indie-esque (sorry for using the 'I' word), which I can see fans of singer/songwriter types liking, but this isn't punchy or at all rocking for my taste.


Thankfully 'Full Swing' ups the tempo somewhat, with another bouncy, folky, pop punk song - you could imagine some crazy dancing along to this, pints of cider flying everywhere.


Most of the other songs follow in a similar vein with 'Boscastle Breakdown' paying homage to their home county roots.


'Little Eyes' ends the album on a high – a fun boozy love song, another song to make the audience fling each other about.


Overall, an album which fans of Folk and Punk-Pop might well enjoy, although I personally might enjoy this band a bit more live. Folky, boozy music isn't for me when just listening to the album at home (or maybe I should get in the spirit, down some Scrumpy, and run around my living room...)


To pick up your copy of 'Stitches In The Flag' - CLICK HERE