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Friday, 01 April 2016 02:30



Now that MÖTLEY CRÜE has called time on its once-glittering career the band members have all gone their separate ways in the entertainment industry. While Nikki Sixx is busy with Sixx:A.M., frontman VINCE NEIL hasn't been hanging around waiting for his next project to be offered to him.


The former singer has been pro-active on the prospective acting front, his Hollywood agent hawking a promo video (see it below) around major film studios in the hope that the blonde bombshell with the hour glass figure will secure a starring role in a big-time studio movie.


Looks like Neil's acting dreams are about to come true as TMZ are reporting that he is to take the lead role in a biopic based on the life and career of an entertainment legend known to all British Crüe fans.




Norman Collier was a British comedian who achieved popularity following television appearances in the 1970s. He was best known for his 'faulty microphone' routine and for his chicken impressions. He died in March 2013 and, since then, a UK production team has been hard at work getting a movie based on his incredible life to the silver screen.


Based on a script by Peter Watkins-Hughes, 'The Comedian' is said to be the British comedy equivalent of Darren Aronofsky's 2008 Academy Award-nominated film, 'The Wrestler', which starred Mickey Rourke as an aging professional wrestler who, despite his failing health and waning fame, continues to wrestle in an attempt to cling to the success of his 1980s heyday. The UK film's producers feel Vince Neil will be perfect for the role of Collier, their hopes no doubt bolstered by the video sent out by Neil's agent:



The only stumbling block with UK fans of Collier could be the decision to 'Americanize' the tale, with TMZ reporting that a series of major incidents may be added to up the movie's appeal to US audiences, including a fatal car crash and an eating disorder.


Other casting news may also surprise, with rumours circulating that other stars of the rock world have secured parts in the movie, noticeably as other stars of the iconic British television series, The Comedians, with man of the moment W. Axl Rose playing Frank Carson, Gene Simmons playing Colin Crompton, and Phil Anselmo taking on the role of Charlie Williams.


More news as we get it.


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