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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 19:07

Punk icon Iggy Pop has compared the music of unsigned UK solo artist Tim Arnold to that of David Bowie, Miles Davis and Chet Baker.


Iggy Blood


Iggy made the comments after hearing the theme music Tim wrote for the new film Blood Orange, in which Iggy stars. He said, “They sent along a demo which Tim had done in a home studio. It had a noir, detective movie guitar riff that comes and goes, but mainly four notes of a very plaintive, simple saxophone theme, just four forlorn notes. It could have been an outtake from ‘Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis, or maybe side-b of ‘Low’ by Bowie and [Brian] Eno. I liked it and they redid it with real musicians, which roughened it up. It reminded me a little of some things that Chet Baker did. I thought it was a real nice theme, effective for the film.”



Tim Arnold said, “It’s amazing that Iggy took the time to time to listen to my music, let alone compare it to David Bowie. I don’t know if he realised that apart from writing it, I performed and produced it too. As an artist, it’s really reinforced my self-belief.


"My band was signed to Sony records in the 90s, but they callously dropped us on the same day our debut album was released. At the time, I was devastated.”


Tim Arnold


Tim has since released thirteen solo albums independently, but has never toured outside of the UK. However, thanks to Iggy giving the go ahead for Tim’s music to appear in Blood Orange, the London-based singer’s luck looks set to change.


Tim said, “I've just played my first show in Canada and I've been invited to perform at MIDEM in France on the day I release my new single 'Money Kills Love', which also features in Blood Orange. I am hoping to thank Iggy in person after my set at the Isle of Wight Festival.”


Asked what his plans are now, Tim said, "I've just finished recording my new album and am having meetings with record labels. I've loved putting my albums out on my own, but it would be lovely to work with a record company again."



‘Money Kills Love’ is released on 3rd June 2016, just before Blood Orange goes on general release at cinemas across the UK from 6th June.


Iggy Pop and Tim Arnold will both perform at the Isle of Wight Festival 2016 on the Main Stage and Hard Rock Stage, respectively, on Saturday, 11th June. Blood Orange will be screened at the festival on the same day.


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Blood Orange - Website - http://bloodorangemovie.com/

Twitter: @timarnold


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