CACOPHONOUS to reissue DIMMU BORGIR and BAL-SAGOTH albums in September PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gaz E   
Thursday, 28 July 2016 16:17



9th September will see Cacophonous resurrect two monumental releases from its dingy, abyssal vaults; DIMMU BORGIR’s 'STORMBLÅST' and BAL-SAGOTH’s 'BATTLE MAGIC'.


Initially released in CD and digital formats, LP versions will come soon. With re-mastered audio courtesy of Danny B of HVR Studios, new life has been breathed into the re-issues which are a must have for Extreme Metal fans.   
2016’s 'BATTLE MAGIC' re-issue features new artwork from Martin Hanford and expanded lyrics in the album sleeve.  


“We recorded our third album ‘Battle Magic’, during the late autumn and early winter of 1997, once again at Academy Music Studio in Yorkshire, England. We had just returned from a successful European tour with Emperor and were ready to conclude our First Trilogy in style. This album was so artistically elaborate that it pushed the analogue facilities at Academy to their absolute limit, and by his own admission almost gave engineer Mags a nervous breakdown! If nothing else, this album proved that we were a band not afraid to take risks… a band who prized art and originality above all else. Now, almost twenty years after it was originally recorded, this glorious third chapter in our epic hexalogy has once again been unleashed upon the world as a special remastered edition to commemorate two tumultuous decades of Bal-Sagoth’s immortal crusade. So, steel yourselves as you venture once more into the darkling pulp fantasy world of Bal-Sagoth, and experience anew the sublimely baroque bombast of ‘Battle Magic’!” – Byron Roberts (Bal-Sagoth vocalist/lyricist)




The first two albums by Bal-Sagoth - 'A BLACK MOON BROODS OVER LEMURIA' and 'STARFIRE BURNING UPON THE ICE-VEILED THRONE OF ULTIMA THULE' - were re-issued in May earlier this year on Cacophonous, and are available HERE