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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 24 August 2016 15:38



One of the gnarliest old feckers that I ever did meet turned out to be one of the nicest feckers too: that old goat's name is Vinnie Buckingham and, somehow, he convinced people to let him book gigs, and also to create a radio show just so he could walk around with his bionic chest puffed out like he was some kind of player in the music world.


Well, guess what? The aged old clown IS a player in the music world... because he went about things the right way, and made every decision for the right reason - that's probably why I got on with him so well.


It has been an honour to help promote all things Two Bucks whenever possible, and that goes for the weekly episodes of THE TWO BUCKS ROCK SHOW too.


The Jazzinator, knob-twiddler par excellence, knocks up a riot of a rock show every week - a true power hour featuring the finest in unsigned rock and metal bands. There are two episodes to catch up with - Episodes 111 and 112 - featuring the following bands:


Afterburn; Curv; Intervention; Precibus; Alien Stash Tin; Well Dressed Thief; Eclipse; Sincerely, Yours; Death by Disco; Emnibis; Two Marks and a Frank; Sepulchre; Gag Reflex; Cairo Son; Live Rounds; We Come From Ashes; Beholder; Roads to Nowher; Mallen; Secret Rule; Dead Empire; and Raised by Hypocrites.


Listen to both shows below!




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