The Impending Ascendance of Glam Skanks...Or Dude, we need a bass-player like, NOW! Print E-mail
Written by Jason Daniel Baker   
Sunday, 11 January 2015 03:30


The clubs of Los Angeles remain a highly competitive forum for serious rock bands. Among those carving out a niche in a scene where seemingly fewer and fewer venues feature live rock are the mercurial and devastatingly sensual Glam Skanks - a firm you can't help but list when you write about sugar sweet rock 'n' roll on the American West Coast.


Imagine the New York Dolls if the Dolls had been attractive women instead of homely dudes trying to look like attractive women. With that image in your head go on and imagine they are the house band of the Rocky Horror Picture show. Like illegitimate daughters of Vince Furnier the music they play is only part of the experience they provide the potential fan.


Though they flaunt/revel in a pejorative term as a band name they are steadfast favorites at clubs like the infamous Viper Room, Rainbow and Hollywood Boulevard's Loaded having only started out together in 2013. Their live performances are becoming the stuff of legend and stand out ever more so in a place where legends are known to die and women are known to list a faked orgasm as an acting credit.




In my opinion few bands so perfectly capture the spirit of what Uber Rock is about than these bad-ass cuties. Their raucus groove and the energetic goofiness of their show-womanship hypnotically beckons discerning audiences. There is seriousness when it comes to their music. But fun is no casualty to it and they live the dream like it is still 1977. Methinks 'Gnarly'.


The acclaim has reached such a crescendo one wonders why this delicious coven should suddenly lack for a four-stringer to keep up the low end of its hard-rockin' punk/metal groove. Nevertheless it is true: these much beloved and internationally recognized bad-girls need a bass-player and they are looking long and hard in January auditions in North Hollywood.


What sort of young woman-bassist could provide what is lacking or perhaps even elevate the game of this band? I remain as intrigued at the possibilities on their way forward as I am at what vocalist Ali Torres, guitarist Veronica Witkin and drummer Lindsay Martin have already done together. My guess would be whatever lucky gal gets to join up with this offbeat crew will be considerably more stoked.




Ever mindful of their status as role models for girls the members of Glam Skanks are conscious of maintaining a lady-like countenance to provide a positive example for young women. As such parents of any bass-player they invite into the Glam Skank fold can rest easy that their daughter will not be surrounded by corrupting influences but rather a righteous sisterhood which graces the presence of only the most pristine and wholesome of Hollywood establishments.


Conversation in their company may drift to metaphysics, political economy and the role of the troubadour in modern society but more than likely will eventually move on to more pressing issues like how many drink tickets they get at the next gig or merry jests about the size of Carlos Cavazo's wee-wee.