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Written by Jo Hayes   
Sunday, 01 January 2017 03:30

Hello again Uber Rockers – it’s good to be back.


I decided to take a hiatus for the past few months, due to life getting in the way, and I didn’t want my blog to become stale. Hopefully the break from writing has done me some good! I haven’t got a particular theme, but as always, I’ll tie it in with something music related.


This year has been quite frankly shitty for most people, for varying reasons, but for me, it hasn’t been nearly as bad as previous years – only due to finally getting the treatment I needed to help curb my health condition, and, at the moment, I am in proper remission for the time being.


However, that doesn’t make any of the horrible things such as the ongoing civil war in Syria, high homelessness in this country, welfare cuts for the sick and disabled, and various political goings on, any less serious.




Of course, there also seems to have been a higher number of celebrity legend deaths, and although shocking, as so many celebrities who have seemingly been around forever, are now gone (as many of them lead hedonistic lifestyles, I’m surprised that they didn’t die years earlier).


I think Lemmy kicked off the apparent avalanche of celebrity legend deaths, despite passing away at the end of 2015. When I woke up on the morning of 29 December last year and a read a few texts saying that Lemmy had died, I thought it must be a bad dream, but no, they were right. I’m surprised none of the Rolling Stones have kicked the bucket yet, considering the lifestyles they’ve led, but thankfully for them, I’m wrong (for the moment at least!).



I'm also still totally out of the loop when it comes to music, due to getting my life back in order, I haven’t listened to any new bands at all, so I wouldn’t have any idea if 2016 was a good year for music. However, I can hazard a guess with mainstream music that it was probably crap. I imagine for Uber Rock, and independent bands, it was great.


Maybe in 2017 I’ll be more in the loop with bands, and I’m also having a guitar lesson, after not playing guitar properly for four years. I used to play in bands, and started playing guitar when I was twelve, so to not play for that long, is a big deal for me. Health issues meant that I couldn’t physically play anymore, and I lost the motivation long before that.


Here’s hoping that 2017 is a better year for everyone.


Until next time…