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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 14 September 2014 03:20

Everybody loves a seven inch slab of plastic don't they? Well I certainly do pop pickers and this month has been another resounding success on the singles front. It seems every month there is something special on offer from those tireless troopers at Wanda Records and this month is certainly no exception, but they are joined by some heavy hitters for what is becoming a feature that is pleasure to do. Especially as the 7" market once gathers pace and the quality of the product on offer especially the packaging and some of the colours on offer is truly exceptional.


ricky cRicky C Quartet - ‘I Miss You’ (Wanda Records)


Here's the deal. For your hard earned Wanda will record London's snotty punk rockers Ricky C Quartet and then it'll be pressed up on some very tasty splatter vinyl and put in a cool sleeve along with a download code. Then it's up to you to get yourself a copy and drop the needle into the groove and rejoice in the sounds that bark out of your speakers. This time out the lead track is 'I Miss You' and it is sung by drummer Jimmy Jones and is possibly the band’s best single to date. Part Clash sing-along and part good time rock and roll with great backing vocals and lead guitar solo. Recorded by Los Pepes front man Ben Perrier how could you pass up the chance to own this? The B side is a belter as well. 


downloadStreetwalkin' Cheetahs - ‘Escape From New York’ (Little T & A Records)


What would be nice around the tail end of the summer of 2014 would be the return of those bad boys the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, and lo and behold from out of nowhere like a marauding street gang fallen out of the offcuts of the Wanderers Frank, Dino, Mike and Bruce let rip with a frantic and catchy couple of new numbers. If you thought 'Escape From New York' was good (with some nice cover art taking off the cover of the film poster of the same title) wait until you catch an earful of the Motorhead inspired sonic blast of 'Fuck The future...I Want It Now!' Welcome back boys and more of this please, not in the future though, we want it right now!!


sl-98406The Gaggers - ‘Sharp Lies’ (Damaged Goods)  


Anyone who really knows their music will be aware that Damaged Good Records release the amazing Cyanide Pills records, as well as Thee Spivs, so it makes perfect sense that the latest Gaggers’ single should come out on said label… right? Absolutely right. Taken from their latest superb long player ’Blame You’, ‘Sharp Lies' is everything you want it to be, from the tasty harmonica honk to the rasping vocals. It’s the exclusive B side that should get collectors interested though. Quite how 'Hostage' missed the cut of the album is a mystery to me, but worry not it's available now folks right here on this must own new single from the superb Gaggers.  If you know the Gaggers then you already know the drill. Thiis one has a neat, neat, neat bass intro before bursting to life giving the listener the chance to pogo like a plank.  Damn I love The Gaggers and I love this single. Get one for yourself you'll love it too.


james wJames Williamson & Lisa Kekaula – ‘I Got A Right’ (Leopard Lady Records)


Following on from his Record Store Day 7” release James Williamson puts out the second single from the much anticipated ‘Re Licked' album of Stooges tracks recorded with various singers, and this one features Bellrays’ frontwoman Lisa Kekaula. Not only is new life breathed into this classic Iggy tune but it might just blow your socks off too! Anyone who has reservations about this project take a listen to this and tell me it’s not bursting with energy and drama and I'll tell you you no longer love rock and roll because this is a belter plain and simple. It’s absolutely outstanding in fact and the flip side of 'Heavy Liquid' isn't far behind either. Simply stunning and exactly what I love about seven inch singles.


black bombers finalBlack Bombers - ‘Crazy’ (Key Of E Records)


We're here to let you know what's hot and what's not, and once I've typed these here words it's up to you the reader to decide what to go out and spend your hard earned money on, and I can only tell you what in my humble opinion is worth shelling out for. So, I'll get that out of the way right here at the top of this review by saying click on THIS LINK and buy, buy, buy this one! Don't muck about do it then come back and settle down and read these very brief words about what it is you've just shelled out for. Right, Black Bombers put out an EP some years ago if you remember (I do because i reviewed it for Uber Rock - HERE). Well here is the brand new single from this three piece and jolly fine it is too. it has the beating heart of some the finer bands of our time, like The Stooges for sure, and there is some early maybe 'Music For Pleasure' era Damned thrown in for good measure too.  'Crazy' is the sound of a band who know exactly what they're doing and that’s how to make excellent music. B side 'That Kind' has a riff borrowed from here and a bass run lifted from there but together with a steady beat its menacing and loose.  Fantastic stuff, and I'm sure you'll agree. With a full album on the way this is an excellent appetiser, so what are you waiting for? Oh did I mention it also comes in a high quality poster fold out as well? I have now. Enjoy pop pickers.


not the onesNot The Ones - ‘...You Just Keep Me In A Box’ (Wanda Records)  


How about some power pop from Berlin folks?  Oh go on then. Wanda Records certainly know a decent band or two, and the latest one off the presses is a very nice four track 7" on half black half red vinyl from Not The Ones.  It's not the best single the label has ever released but it's fairly basic in as much as the production is lo-fi and the tunes are power pop punk rock standards.  It’s all pretty much up tempo with a happy go lucky chorus and the tunes aren't the longest.  Final track 'Saturday' is probably the pick of the four on offer with its prominent bass line and spiky rhythm. 


latex sqLatex Squad – ‘Blackbird’ (Wanda Records)


Yet more power pop from Germany and this a much chirpier offering  from Latex Squad even though I'm not 100% sure about the whistling on the EP opener, but one thing is for sure, it’s different.  Released on 7" black vinyl this three piece deal in rapid fire power pop and aren't fucking about either as all four songs on offer are, there or there about, one and a half minutes long.  You know the deal by now, fun being the name of the game, and side two is the stronger of the sides with 'Powerwalk' being the best track on show I especially like the floor tom breakdown on this one….great stuff! 


scrapsScraps - ‘Scraps’ (No Front Teeth)


When you get a member of The Gaggers, Miscalculations and East End Riot kicking up a shit storm of good time old school punk rock under the moniker of The Scraps then it is impossible to fail right? Well what we have here is four tracks of just that, each one as enjoyable as the last. It's a must buy that’s for sure.  Saving the best till last 'Watching You' sounds like it could fall apart at any given moment but it's the ragged charm that's the bait and part of its allure and I'm loving it.  As I said four tracks of ragged punk rock old school style is the order of the day and all written and played with much gusto and passion. 'Waste My Time' has a smudge of Buzzcocks and Ramones thrown into the mix whilst 'Time Has Come' is sharp with a cool as riff. Great stuff indeed. Available HERE on digital but it is apparently being pressed on vinyl as I type.


There you have it folks a bite size pick of what's hot out there in jukebox size record land and my pick of what you should have in your collection. But don't dilly dally because some of these are very limited and you wouldn't want to pay stupid money on some auction website for one of these in the future now would you? Until the next time…..