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Written by Gaz Tidey   
Sunday, 13 September 2015 02:00



'I Need A Dodge! Joe Strummer On The Run' Deluxe DVD (Cadiz Music)


'I Need A Dodge! Joe Strummer On The Run', the Tindog film produced and directed by Nick Hall, arrives on DVD in standard and deluxe formats later this month and it was the latter that happily dropped onto the URHQ inbox with a welcoming thud.


Hall's film documents Strummer's unfulfilled quest to find a Barreiros Dart, essentially a European edition of Chrysler's Dodge-Dart, which he had driven around Granada whilst on a self-imposed exile in 1985.


The Dodge in the title could just as easily be the blood-stained Kansas city that villains were told to "get the hell out of", though, as Joe took to his heels and vacated the UK after the universally dismal critical mauling given to Mark 2 of The Clash and their 'Cut The Crap' ginger stepkid of an album.




Strummer had "disappeared" to France previously and his then-vacation from the trappings of the business had been front page news for all the music weeklies: if his Granada excursion was meant to jolt a similar interest in his career then it fell way short of the mark, flat on its face in fact.


Taken under the wing of local acts 091 and Radio Fortuna - musicians who simply could not believe that this legendary punk rocker was in their midst - Strummer drove around the streets of Grandada and Madrid in the aforementioned hulking Barreiros Dart located for him by the latter band, and produced an album for the former that, just like his last Clash output, was less than adored.


Joe parked the car in the capital when he returned to the UK for the birth of his daughter, Lola, and never saw the car again.


In 1997 Strummer was interviewed by Spain's Radio 3 and put out an appeal for information on the whereabouts of the car. Hall's film is as equally devoted to the story of the quest to find the vehicle as it is a document of a time in the life of the late frontman where he found himself as lost as the car.




The documentary has a running time of 67 minutes and, yeah, plays out like a cool bonus feature from the golden age of DVD extras at times, but, rounded out with around seventy minutes of extra interview footage, this film charms with that warm indie glow of passionate filmmaking, the subject matter close to the hearts of the creators. It's a quirky sidestep from the generic punk retrospective docs that you'll find Joe Strummer's life and career dissected in on Sky Arts and the like. Yes, this curio is one for the collector, especially the Deluxe DVD set.


Housed in a cool slipcase, the digipak opens out to reveal a great boombox graphic that holds the DVD itself, a tidy booklet, postcard, merch sheet and Strummer bank note, and, the finest part of it all, a cassette boxed in to the tape deck part of the ghetto blaster image that contains the Spanish radio interview when Joe first asked for info on his missing Dodge.


For several extra quid a very cool idea brought to life by a keen filmmaker can be made much more exciting - go deluxe if you can, but, essentially, just go get it.



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