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Written by Gaz Tidey   
Sunday, 13 December 2015 04:00



'Life Is Wonderful' Issue 2 (Kulture Killer Comics Company)

Readers may know Anthony Allen Begnal, creator of the 'Life Is Wonderful' comic book series, as the guitarist in NYC horror punk/metal crew, Chesty Malone and the Slice 'Em Ups', as well as a contributor to Uber Rock's hallowed pages. He has paintings hanging in the LA punk museum, and the debut issue of his comic book sold out quickly after release in the fall of 2014.


Issue 2 of 'Life Is Wonderful' is now available and, like its Hellish predecessor (the first issue had a 'red' theme, this second issue 'blue'), is a suitably trashy affair that harks back to the glory days of gutter-dirty small press publications that printed whatever the fuck they wanted, whenever the fuck they wanted: it's where I started and a near-perfect place rarely travelled in the blandness of the binary world.




Issue 1's full title was 'Life Is Wonderful And Other Hysterical Tales Of Woe'; this second issue carries the subtitle 'The Hysterically Woeful Saga Continues' so you know that, happily, there is going to be little, if any deviation from the punk rock debauchery of the opening chapter.


Begnal's comics drag filthy jokes out of the barrooms of both folklore and the imagination - which stories are true is a secret that only your warped mind can be privy to. Could the cinema-going popcorn-guzzling cock be real, or a figment of Anthony's fevered consciousness? The second instalment of 'Hamburgers and Hand Jobs' that features a bologna sandwich and two ugly girls? You decide!


The comic panels harbour lo-fi ink work that smacks of old school indie books, and Begnal impresses as he has fashioned a style much different to his painted works: still in the same derelict ball park, of course, just in possession of a cool digression.


A final note to merch whores and collectors of all things Uber Rock - check out that back cover.....




Anthony Allen Begnal's 'Great Moments In Punk History' monthly feature will debut on Uber Rock in January 2016.


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