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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:00

Just when you go and announce the final Singles Club of the year do you get inundated with the things.  Now I'm not complaining at all - far from it, as I love a 7" as much as the next person, so here's a December bonus…


Andy McCoy - 'The Xmas Song' (Ainoa Productions Oy)


Not a sleigh bell in sight (well there might be). nor the sound of the usual big chorus: this is Christmas Andy McCoy style. Thankfully after the God awful Grease Helmet this is something of a return to form from the former Hanoi Rocks six stringer and songwriting genius.  Featuring Ville Vilo, the lyrics are the most Christmassy ever, which makes me happy.  A new album please, Mr McCoy, that would be my wish this Christmas: and I've been a good boy n all so pretty please.  More of this.  Good luck finding a physical copy folks: this one is already as rare as Rudolph shit.


Carnival Animal – ‘Grand Theft Manual’ (iTunes)



When is a single not really a single in the spirit of Uber Rocks singles club? When it's a digital only single that's what. We do make exceptions which is why you're reading this. Described as putting Sonic Youth through a wood chipper would seem like a wholly accurate description but it doesn't give you the whole picture. It's loud - Noisy - and has a big butch Vig type production. The singles club is a mixed bag for sure and this adds to that tapestry. Besides I love the big fat bass rumble on this it's like Algy Ward never existed.


Motosierra  - 'Buzo Neuvo'  (Spaghetty Town Records)


We love Zeke, we love Peter Pan Speedrock, and everybody now loves Motorhead it seems, but a new one to cross my path is the south American beat combo going by the name Motosierra - and they clearly love loud guitars and all the above which is cool as fuck by me.  And they sing in Spanish which really suits this style of in your face buzz saw punked up fuzzy Rock And Roll. Check em out you 7" vinyl fiends or click on the video for a sneak peek: it’s a banger and you'll love it!


The Parasite Syndicate - 'Breathe You In' (Independent)


Ha ha! I knew that at some point a heavy metal song would creepy crawl into the Singles Club. Sure, I know it's out there, but boy is it a genre I should invest more time on. Why you ask? Well pull your chair a little closer because I don't want everyone to know but - Its fuckin' shite! There I've said it now. All double bass pedals and stop start, processed drums tracked to death, staccato guitar riffs long winded solos that go hell for leather with a vocal that's from the depth of hell and then swings to the heavens with a high pitched whine... My God I didn't know bands like this even existed anymore. It's a single, gentlemen, yet this one goes on for five minutes. Those pop factories of the 50s and 60s would let out a collective scream at the horror of this. Now go away and don't darken my singles club again - you're barred!



Godfathers - 'You Don't Love Me' (Cargo Records/Godfathers Recordings2)


Released prior to the brand new album, this fantastic rock n roll record comes hurtling out on limited edition 7" in pill box red and with a finely crafted melody wrapped up in an abrasive guitar lick - it's got a fantastic back beat holding this in place as Peter Coyne carries the melody on what is a most enjoyable single indeed. If this is a statement of intent, then the Godfathers are throwing down a marker for 2017 releases because this is exactly how a single should sound to whet the whistle of the waiting public The Godfathers are in the house and this is rock and roll!


'Tribute to Lemmy' split feat King Mastino / Chuck Norris Experiment / Bitch Queens / Hip Priests (Beluga/Ghost Highway and a whole heap of cool labels)


15644871 10154865337832082 1068616015 nAs I've mentioned earlier, if the Hip Priests have a single coming out then that’s reason enough to drop another Singles Club. I know I wasn't going to do one for December then all of a sudden singles started hitting the mat so why not. Right where do I start? On sale from his birthday until the anniversary of his death, this tribute EP is nothing short of stunning. Sure, it's some of Uber Rocks favourite sons all kicking backside and taking numbers, but there has to be a winner because that’s the nature of the split - but I'll get to that.


Side A features King Mastino with their take on 'Iron Horse', which is solid rock n roll and with plenty of guitars doing their thang exactly like you'd expect King Mastino to do a cover of this. Second up is the mighty Chuck Norris Experiment with an impressive take on 'Rock Out'. A brave move considering what they could have gone for, but this will more than suffice thank you gentlemen: I'm sure Lemmy would be very proud of this.


Flip this one over and it’s those Swiss boys again kicking the shit out of 'No Class' and owning the song like you wouldn't believe. As much as CNE went for something of a Motorhead hidden gem, Bitch Queens have gone in balls deep for one of the band’s most noticeable signature tunes and fuckin' nail it Bitch Queen style. Which only leaves one song left: The Hip Priests and my one man crusade to bring them to people’s attention. With a live favourite 'The Hammer' given the studio treatment, they've not only done the song proud but have owned it as well as the other bands on the single and anybody else who ever tries to take on a Motorhead song in the future. Lemmy would retire this one if he'd ever have heard this and a special mention here for Joe on the drums - because he absolutely owns this one and plays his big black heart out. Listening to this on a fine pair of Motorheadphones is an absolute pleasure. What a way to end the year that started shit but has ended on a blinder - cheers chaps!


Roll on 2017 happy new year pop pickers and keep ‘em coming… we do love a 7" slice of vinyl ‘round these parts ;-)