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Written by Hannah Reid   
Sunday, 11 June 2017 04:30

Vukovi, a band based in Troon, have been steadily rising to the top of their game for a little while now. Attending one of their gigs, you can definitely see why as they own every bit of that stage and make it such a fun and interactive show – no time for sitting around at the back of the venue.


Normally when I go to gigs they’re based in Glasgow, so going to Edinburgh for one was something that’s quite rare for me. The Mash House was a new venue for me as well tonight – and one that took me a little to find because the sign for it was on the opposite side to where I was walking.  Queueing up outside there wasn’t a lot of people – about 15 of them all eagerly waiting to get inside. I knew there would be more people coming along.


Inklings 1


First up to the stage were a new band, Inklings from London, doing their debut Scottish show and first proper tour. They had the tough job of the night by opening up the whole tour but they lived up to the challenge – making sure that everyone was involved and dancing along to their songs. Despite only having five songs (three currently available and two unreleased), they not only set the bar high for the night but also made the atmosphere come alive.


Press To Meco 2


Next up were Press To Meco, a three piece band from Croydon. They kept the ball rolling with their music, making it flow and all work together so they could get as many songs as they wanted into their set in the time frame. You could also see the chemistry with this band and how well they all worked together, with some on stage banter happening which brought out smiles to everyone’s faces as they played.


Finally to the stage were the band everyone was here to see. The venue was packed from front to back, the place was buzzing for what the new songs from their debut album were going to sound like live. The first song from that album they played was ‘La Di Da’, which immediately set the tone for the rest of their set with its fast paced and bouncy tune.


Vuvoki 1


They made sure to mix some of their older songs in between the new stuff, so that everyone who was a fan, no matter for how long, got a taste of what they were capable of. Another thing about Vukovi is how much of an interactive band they are – always making sure they’re working with the crowd. One thing Janine, lead singer, does is take the phones from those who are filming a particular song, either for a friend or to re-watch later on, and works with it, filming herself and making whoever phone it is have a very unique video from the night. Seeing a band interact with the fans in the crowd is something that I don’t think we see enough, but Vukovi make sure you get your fill of it all.


During their second last song, ‘Animal’, Janine got the letters to spell out the song title and managed to keep the crowd going throughout it – even if you weren’t familiar with the song, you had no excuse when all you were shouting out was the letters.


Vuvoki 3


With the final chords of their last song, Janine was into the crowd, going straight through for one last small dance before she continued out the back of the room, leaving the rest of her band mates up on stage to do what they do best and close off the set. With one last thank you, they too exited – heading out to their merch table to go and meet as many people as they could.


If there’s one band I would recommend you seeing at least once this year, Vukovi would be high up on that list. This is a band that know how to put on a show and leave you wanting more.



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