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Written by Hannah Reid   
Tuesday, 13 June 2017 04:30

I arrived to the concert while the first band were on stage, not realising the door times had been put forward – also missing my chance to go into the photographers pit for the first band, much to my dismay.


Set It Off tour header


Opening up for this tour were a band called Homebound from Farnham in England – the only British band on the whole tour. From what I managed to catch from the set they were full of energy. They had a tough job for opening up this night of tour up for a show with such big names going along with it, but they definitely made it work and made a name for themselves while doing it. They set the tone for the night, making sure everyone was loving it and having fun alongside them – definitely a band that you’ll be seeing more of I think over the next few years.


Too Close To Touch from Lexington in Kentucky were next to the stage, keeping the ball rolling with their music. They range from alternative to theatrical rock to post hardcore, but one thing is for sure is that with each of their songs they know how to make an impact with each of their songs that they play.


With Confidence 2


With Confidence, a pop punk band from Australia, took to the stage next and it’s safe to say that the crowd went mental – screams and cheers of excitement filling the whole room. The four piece band knew what the crowd wanted to hear and made sure they gave 110 per cent while they were doing it. They had the crowd jumping along and begging for more the whole time, after every song that was played there was a loud cheer before they started back up again.


With Confidence 1


Set It Off 2


Set It Off, a band from Tampa Florida, were the headliners of the night. They’re music has gotten a lot brighter sounding the more they’ve released throughout the years, but they’ve not lost their passion and entertainment. This was the band everyone was excited to see, and you could see it on the crowds’ faces how much they had been waiting for them to take to the stage – this was the moment everyone was waiting for.


Opening up with a classic that would get everyone jumping, ‘Why Worry’, set the mood for their whole set and basically ensured that the night was going to be one of the best on tour. They played all their biggest hits from across their albums, making sure to mix in a bunch of their new stuff that people might not be as familiar with, with ones that everyone would know.


Set It Off 1


As someone spectating the bands and who was a fan of all the music being played, I was having the time of my life – but the lighting left a lot to be desired. For the whole night it was strobes, dim and not very punchy – something I would not expect from The Garage either. I think this was the biggest let down of the whole night.



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