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Written by Hannah Reid   
Thursday, 15 June 2017 04:30

“I like small venues – because then I can see everyone and make sure they’re having fun.” – Jacob, vocalist for The One Hundred.


The One Hundred


I went into this concert having only seen one of the support bands before and heard a couple of songs from the headline band – safe to say however I was excited to see what was going to come out of this show. It was in The Attic – the smallest venue that The Garage has to offer – but I’ve seen some of my best shows up there.


The only thing I was worried about going into photographing this show was the lighting, being it wasn’t the main stage of the collection of venues and before the lighting has left a little to be desired with it being very dim and it not covering a lot of the stage. Normally the lights hit the centre of the stage and that’s as far as it would go – walking in, however, it was obvious that there had been some improvements to the venue lights. And that made me a little more excited.


Horizons 2


First to the stage were a local Glasgow band called Horizons. Describing themselves as melodic hardcore, they set the tone for the rest of the night. The lead singer, Jonathon, spent near enough all of their set off the stage and in with the crowd, making sure people were really getting into it and having some fun and most importantly warming everyone up for the bands to follow. The whole set was entertaining and had everyone dancing and head banging along. They really set the bar high for all the other bands to follow.


Massmatiks 1


The next band was the one that I had seen before, and one that I would recommend to anyone to go and see from previous shows – Massmatiks. The four piece London band took to the stage full of energy and ready to show off everything they had to offer. They worked their way through their songs, trying to fit as much in as they possibly could – including ones featured in their first music video, ‘Independence (A Lack Of)’ and their latest single ‘MEAT’. They kept the ball rolling with their music and got the crowd jumping, their upbeat music keeping everyone entertained and smiling through their whole set.


Finally to the stage were The One Hundred, the second band from London. The band mix metal, rock, hip hop and a bit of dance into all of their songs to create their own kind of approach to writing songs, and it’s definitely something that works on stage. They captured the crowd from the moment they walked onto the stage, giving the crowd a taste of old songs and ones off their album which was just about to be released.


The One Hundred (2)


Also, despite the stage being quite small, the band had great stage presence, bringing the show into the crowd whenever they could and making sure everyone was involved. During one of the songs, Jacob – lead vocals – got one of the fans involved, holding the microphone up so that they could sing along. This was also a band that knew how to play to the camera, posing at every chance they got while still having fun doing it.


Every band that played this show were able to get the crowd moving and make sure everyone was having a good time – and the gig itself was easily one of the best line ups that I’ve seen for a while where all the bands could get you moving and enjoying yourself. I don’t think I stop smiling the whole time I was there.


  • The One Hundred play the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock on Saturday 12 August.



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