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Written by Marc Leach   
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 04:41

It sure has been a busy time musically in Ireland as of late, from Iron Maiden opening their ‘Book Of Souls’ in Dublin to the sold out performance from the reunited Guns ’n’ Roses to the iconic Slane Castle. Sounds great right? Well, it got even better when it was announced that the legendary Aerosmith were bringing their Aero-Vederci Baby tour to the Emerald Isle during this period of time. Oh yes, it was time to puff out the hair, put on some tight spandex trousers and boogie.


Aero-Verderci header


Just 24 hours before this dream of a show, openers Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown paid a visit “up North” for an intimate performance ahead of their Irish arena debut. As I was at Devin Townsend I missed out on this performance, but thankfully I was in for a real treat for their Dublin performance: wow… what a show they put on. The energy and passion from lead vocalist/guitarist Tyler Bryant as he and his crew chugged out some old school rock ’n’ roll was sensational, from Tyler speaking of musical his influences (while playing a rendition of Muddy Water’s ‘Got My Mojo Workin’) to both him and drummer Caleb Crosby running around all over the gigantic stage.


While it would have been great to see the evening’s headliners during their Download performance the previous Sunday, the second the Boston rock icons took the stage, the Irish crowd exploded - especially the lucky fan girl who rushed the stage to get a kiss from lead vocalist Steven Tyler. Standing side by side on the end of the extended platform, Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry showed that while they are both ageing rockers they still have what it takes to have a boogie as they ploughed through classic tracks such as ‘Let The Music Do The Talking’, ‘Young Lust’ and ‘Love In An Elevator.’


Aerosmith - Dublin 1


With the pace and the energy now set to 11, the band then took time to have a little fun as they worked their way through a couple of Fleetwood Mac songs, one of which saw Perry take over on the vocal duties for their rendition of ‘Oh Well’ all while Tyler was a pure showman in the background; from playing the harmonica to messing around with drummer Joey Kramer.


Honourable mention goes to the on stage camera man, who was pretty much doing acrobatics as he followed Tyler around getting up close and personal to the singer as he posed for the big screen.


With such a high octane show to put on, it it’s only fair for the band to take some time to relax, which they did during the bluesy ‘Hangman Jury’ and ‘Seasons Of Wither,’ two tracks where both Tyler and Perry were basically sitting on each other as they shared microphone duties. But just as the energy had slowed down, it quickly regained momentum, as the band went back to playing classics, from the beautiful ‘I Don’t Want To Close My Eyes’ to the show stopping ‘Dude (Looks Like A Lady).’ As the band went off stage to prepare for the encore, a gorgeous white piano was lifted onto the stage with such speed and precision for the huge ‘Dream On’, which included Tyler and Perry standing on the instrument; now THAT’s rock ’n’ roll. As Kramer teased the crowd during his mini drum solo it was easy to know what was coming next: yes, it was the sensational ‘Walk This Way’, which brought this rambunctious show to a close, in a shower of confetti and smoke.


Aerosmith Dublin 2


While the middle part of the show may have been a slow burner, this was still one phenomenal show. It was everything that you would want from an Aerosmith show: rock music that you can just go utterly crazy to. As the band bid their farewells to the tuckered out Irish, it begs to wonder if this could really have been the last we will have seen of Aerosmith? Who knows? But one thing was for certain: this was a worthy send off from the Irish crowd for their heroes.


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