Raging Speedhorn/Heart Of A Coward/The Darkhorse - Corby, The Zombie Hut - 3rd July 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Nick Russell   
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 04:00

Raging Speedhorn PosterTonight’s gig is special for headliners Raging Speedhorn as it’s their first time on stage in 6 years and it’s a warm-up for a couple of small shows, Sonisphere and Damnation festivals! And the simple fact that the Corby boys have sold out their hometown show is certainly a good sign for the future.


Opening tonight’s proceedings are Northampton’s The Darkhorse. The four piece play a mix of stoner and doom metal, they have some good riffs and sound okay. They just don’t have that extra something that lifts them above a multitude of bands that are plying their trade in this dark and murky world. But they’re still a relatively young band, so time is on their side.


It says a lot that Heart Of A Coward, one of the UK’s best new hardcore bands has made this one-off trip to support someone they see as a big influence. Straight from the off, you can see why they have the growing reputation of being a great band. Tight, powerful, great riffs and strong vocals, tracks such as ‘Nauseum’ and ‘Prey’ stand out and show just how good they are. An excellent warm-up for the main event…..


As a band; together for 10 years, recording 4 albums, touring extensively, including some major festivals and whilst no yachts in the Bahamas’s, had a name for themselves, where would you play your first gig in six years? The arse end of nowhere to complete strangers? Fuck no! Raging Speedhorn aren’t taking the easy option, they’re going all out and playing their hometown in front of a lot of people who know them! Here goes……


‘The Hate Song’ kicks things off followed by ‘Redwood’ and it’s almost like they’ve never been away. Re-united with original singer Frank and with ex Charger/Murder One guitarist Jim Palmer onboard, they blast away but it’s not until third song ‘Dungeon Whippet’ that they really hit their stride. After that, there’s no stopping them!


Songs like ‘Superscud’, ‘Scrapin’ The Resin’, ‘Me & You Man’, ‘The Gush’, ‘Knives’ and ‘Shitsville’ are played like the band are in their early days, not reforming and in their thirties! The Thompson brothers, bassist Dave and guitarist Jay, throw all the moves whilst drummer Gordon Morrison just smashes the kit, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone hit drums harder! But it’s the dual vocal attack of singers Frank Regan and John Loughlin that always draw you’re attention. Frank has more of a screaming voice whilst John’s is more guttural but they compliment each other to a tee. And the way they deliver the songs, you wouldn’t want to spill either of their pints!!


Raging Speedhorn 1


Finishing off with ‘Fuck The Voodoo Man’, ‘Thumper’ and ‘High Whore’, the gig comes to a triumphant end. Any fears that it might not work or be a mistake are well and truly dispelled! If you were one of the lucky ones to be here, you witnessed a band on fire and who look like they could make a serious dent in the metal scene one again.


Catch them at Damnation Festival in November, a headline tour in December or Hammerfest next March, you will not be disappointed.




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