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Written by David O'Neill   
Saturday, 12 August 2017 04:00

This is a band I first saw at Steelhouse in 2016. Even Luke Phillips (lead guitar/vocals) could spot I was going to be a fan: he saw my Black Stone Cherry T shirt in the front and said “At least one of you is going to like our set” – and, damn, he was right.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen them since then, so it was good to support them on the release of new music [the ‘The Other Side Of Nowhere’ EP].


Everyday Heros 1


They are heavily influenced by southern blues/rock genre in the style of Black Stone Cherry and are unashamedly proud of what they do, which they do very well.  As a band they are getting tighter and tighter; the drums of Jay Haynes is superbly supported by Lewis Watkins on bass, Dan Richardson is a perfect rhythm foil for the skilful lead playing of Luke, and altogether they are a very good unit.


However, whilst this was about the EP release it was a launch party and the guys put on a two set show integrating new and old music with a few very well performed covers (‘Tush’/ZZTop,  ‘Mississippi Queen’ and ‘Love Aint A Love Song’/Joe Bonamassa) all showing off the variety of talents within the band in the first half.  Covers in the second half included ‘Hate My Life’/TOAD, a stunning version of ‘Proud’ Mary a la the Tina Turner version, ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ and ‘Johnny B Goode’, where they were joined by two of the singers from MotorLizzy, a local tribute act to Motörhead and Thin Lizzy. 


Everyday Heros 3


Despite the covers, the evening was all about EDH. They even played as yet unrecorded tracks – ‘Witches King’, ‘Find My Way’, ‘Little Rain’ and ‘Rise Up’ - spread across the two hour set. With old favourites from the first EP, ‘Honey’, ‘Better Off Without You’ and ‘Delilah’ (not the Tom Jones version), mingled with the belter of a new single, ‘The Ballad of Robert Johnson’, ‘The Storm’, ‘The River’, ‘A Little Bit Of You’ and ’Take Me Home’ from the new EP, they are beginning to build up an extensive repertoire of original music.


With the very partisan crowd demanding more at the end of the night the guys gave them what they wanted with a spot on cover of ‘Lonely Train’ (BSC) and a passable version of ‘Everlong’ (Luke’s voice was shot by this point, and in all honesty it is slightly higher than his best range).


The EP passed my acid test; I bought it on the night.  The artwork is also very good’ and it is well packaged and produced by Andrew Francis and Phil Humphries of Boneyard Studios, as it perfectly represents the sound you get in a live performance of EDH music.


Everyday Heros 4


If you like southern blues-infused guitar driven rock like BSC then you’ll love this EP by EDH and you really should get off your ass and see them if they are in your area.


‘The Other Side Of Nowhere is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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