Tyla's Dogs D'Amour/Nicotine Pretty – Cardiff, Fuel – 4 August 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 27 August 2017 04:00

Friday night in the ‘Diff to catch the third performance from new boys on the block Nicotine Pretty and headliners Tyla and his band of merry men perform a set of Dogs D'Amour classics for a sold out audience: it's a no brainer right? Right!


Great to see the sold out signs going up on Womamby Street in the heart of Cardiff city centre, as people appear to have come out early to catch Nicotine Pretty on the strength of the recently given away pair of tunes.  With a 25 minute set, it's easy to see why people decided to catch the band and their take on punk rockin' power pop.


Ginge Knievil - Fuel


Although it’s only their third show, they seem to have amassed some pretty instant and memorable tunes, and all around people are moving to the beat and getting right into what’s on offer.  Front man Ginge looks and sounds comfortable as he leads his merry men through the set. 'Bygone Boy' kicks things off and there is even time for Lewis on guitar to be Nicotine Pretty's Walter Lure as he takes the mic for a slower song midway into the set.


By the time the band reach the singles, 'Nicotine Pretty' and 'Who's Gonna Save my Soul?', they have the Fuel club audience on board and the future looks exciting and I look forward to hearing what they do next.




Tyla - Fuel 2


Now there is, has been, will be many a debate about The Dogs D'Amour or Tyla or Tyla's Dogs D'Amour or whatever guise Mr Pallas decides to go out and play under.  MY opinion, for what it's worth: it's not the classic line up, or the original line up, or the ‘Unchartered’ line up, or the 2003 line up… this is Tyla and friends taking out some absolutely stone cold classic songs out on the road for a blast.  They aren't trying to be the classic/original line up: they are what they are - a bloody entertaining rock and roll band who just so happen to have a set of absolute classics to blast out for anyone willing to give them a chance.


Well, thankfully the Fuel air conditioning was on full blast (don't shut that fire door it's our only means of fresh air) and the band took the stage to knock out a rather splendid version of one of my all-time favourite songs 'Firework Girl'. Before I could move my pint glass to applaud we were into 'Last Bandit': both sounded like rock and roll to me which was the reason I'm out tonight and I'm here to testify that this was rather splendid.  As the heat rose and the oxygen dropped, it was classic after classic from Tyla and the band - and a few newer tunes thrown in for good measure! The audience was lapping it up, singing along to every word: even 'All Of Them Great' and '111' were well received by Fuel’s audience.


'Medicine Man' sounded great with the tribal rhythm, and by the time they got to 'Drunk Like Me', via 'How Come It Never Rains', nobody was leaving… so it was a few more and then one for the road via 'We'll Meet Again' and we were out of there. As the soaking audience spilled into the street it was smiles all around and people asking “when’s the next one?”


So, all in all, it was a terrific night of music from two rather excellent bands and a whole bunch of great songs.  Always a pleasure and never a chore: I for one echo the words – When’s the next one? If it’s half as good as this one we'll be in for another treat!




Tyla's Dogs D'Amour play the HRH Sleaze festival in Sheffield next Sunday (3 September), followed by the Fulford Arms in York on Friday 8 September and the Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill on Saturday 9 September.


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