Sanguine/Outsiders - London, Monto Water Rats - 20th August 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Craggy   
Saturday, 03 September 2011 05:30



Not having been to a metal show for a while I was looking forward to having the chance to see South West metallers Sanguine on their London date, following their recent appearance at the Bloodstock festival. The Monto Water Rats had been on my to-do list of venues to visit since moving to this fair capital, as it is a name that often surfaces when talking about smaller live shows. Unfortunately I had read some pretty damning reviews of the place so I wasn't sure what to expect. Contrary to what I'd read the service was pretty decent (although it did confirm the criticisms of over-priced drinks, and I only went to the bar once), and the venue space was pretty sound too.


I entered the venue in time to see the set of London-based rock-metal band Outsiders. They were certainly very tight, well rehearsed, and well turned out. Actually it was some of the nicest, most inoffensive metal I'd seen, which I didn't expect. So although they turned out a faultless set to a highly grateful audience, I can't say that it was for me.


Sanguine powered on to the stage with a heavy and vibrant opener which for me was one of the best songs of the set. They were dynamic and full of purpose and I was instantly switched on to the sharpness of their delivery. There was certainly something refreshing about them. The band manage to mix light and dark with ease, perfectly complimenting the heaviness with moments of light relief, epitomised in their closing song. They stuck in a few moodier songs in to the set too, although I wouldn't reach for your lighters just yet.


Added to the power were Tarin Kerrey's vocals which cut superbly through the force of the guitars and the deep drive of the rhythm section. The banshee effect is almost used a little too often perhaps but it certainly lends an extra, vibrant level to the sonic attack. New single 'For Love' was also a highlight of a set that rarely dipped below excellent. Judging by the quality of the new single, the forthcoming album will no doubt capture the strength of this set, maintaining their individuality while they draw on their wide-ranging influences. Sanguine are heavy as fuck but also good fun, so long may they stay that way and I hope to catch them again soon.




[Photo kudos to Swedish Pete and JDW Photography]