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Written by Dom Daley & Johnny H   
Friday, 23 August 2013 03:20



Wow it’s all business today and right from the get go too, Shit! So after a quick visit to the skully church of merch, or if you prefer the Argos of all stalls that is the Misfits superstore, and it's weekend proprietor to see when he'll be free to join us for some punk rock ‘n’ roll, it's off to the Empress for some dragSTER.




Whose idea was this early start, it’s barely past midday? Never mind, I'm more than happy to get up and drag my battered body down to the Winter Gardens for a bit of dragSTER, and today they certainly don't disappoint in the vast surroundings of the venue’s main ballroom, as Fi leads us on a merry dance with the excellent 'Drunk' and 'Silent Violent' from the much underrated 'Here Come The Meat Robots' album. There is even time for a new song, which I believe is called 'Dead Punks' which sounded excellent. dragSTER certainly have the chops and the attitude to do much bigger things, well that is until this year’s amp curse strikes the Empress yet again. Hoodoo voodoo was once again at work as guitarist Diesel is having problems today, and this one isn't going away, so for the second day a band’s momentum is being challenged by technical problems. The band soldier on but last only another two songs before leaving the stage. However the last tune is 'Teenage Motorcycle Killer Gangs From Japan' so it's happy days all round and it’s a great way to start Saturday on the main stage.


Texas Terri Bomb


I stayed put in the Empress because up next with a new band in tow was Texas Terri Bomb. Celebrating her tenth year in a row playing here at Rebellion this was something of a big deal and certainly something worth celebrating. You could tell right from the off that Texas Terri meant business as she snarled out the lyrics to 'Be Bop A Lula', this band was the best she'd assembled so far and guitarist Ville really was on fire with justice fully served to such fantastic songs as 'Never Shut Up', 'Mafia', 'Dream Wrecker', 'Raunch City' and 'Oh Yeah!' Texas Terri Bomb really was sounding killer!! Reaching a zenith by the time 'Situation' and 'One Hit Wonder' were cranked out it only left time for an encore of two of the best tunes ever! 'Sonic Reducer' and 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' which left the room absolutely buzzing and everyone who has to follow that....Good fucking luck! Today Texas Terri played her best set with the best band she's ever played Rebellion with, bar none.




After some respite from the oppressive heat of the Empress it was off to the Olympia for some streetpunk in the shape of the excellent Control. Iain Kilgallon led the troops through some particularly brutal hooligan rock ‘n’ roll as they aired some tunes from the new album as well as the old classics. The only problem this year seemed to be that the Olympia room was suffering from volume and acoustic problems. Sure they'd carpeted the floor to stop some of the echo, but you had to get pretty close to be able to make out the tunes because any further than about twenty yards from the stage and the sound was fucked, but if you were close up then you also needed to be prepared to give your ears a real test as I found out during the Control set. Never mind 'Punk Rock Ruined My Life' punk rock was about to ruin my hearing, I know that much. God damn this was loud and I mean LOUD!!! It didn't stop the enjoyment of hearing Control knock out a great set though and the new tracks appeared to be settling in very nicely alongside 'Hooligan Rock ‘n’ Roll' and 'He's a Skinhead', once again Control had a job do, and they did it very well indeed!




I stay in the Olympia to catch those mentalists with melodies Dirt Box Disco (who else) over on stage 2 as the cavernous surroundings offer no obstacle for their brand of punk rock with choruses to die for. As I take up my position I can pretty much see the audience from the side of the stage and they are one of the few bands so far that manage to pull in a very healthy crowd with large swathes who are fist punching along to Weab and his every word. Also with the best merchandise on sale anywhere this side of the Misfits superstore they are doing a tremendous run on Spunk Volcano replica masks that have me momentarily lost for words as I gaze out at the sea of people and see lunatics throwing themselves around a packed crowd dressed like the Spunkster, just as Weab is forcing an inflatable sex doll down his onesie and all of this is happening whilst their stage is being take up by someone in a mankini and balaclava flashing the audience. “Only at Rebellion” I hear you mutter, you'd be so lucky, this is Dirt Box Disco after all. Rock ‘n’ roll can and should be many things but most of all it should make you happy and Dirt Box Disco do this via a set of top tunes which today includes 'Tragic Roundabout', 'Freaks' and 'I Just Want To Be A Girl'. How could you not be entertained?


Harrington Saints


This is it, I'm in the zone now and have a taste for more excellent punk rock and roll, but with no time for a sneaky Shiraz it's off to the Arena to catch a set from California's Harrington Saints and boy did they deliver! Sometimes you feel like Mr Ben wandering round the Winter Gardens because you walk through a door at the back of the room and you could either be walking into a warzone or something totally serene, or if you’re really lucky you might happen to walk into a set being performed by bands such as The Harrington Saints. Not being familiar with the bands material but knowing enough about their reputation, after what I saw in the Arena I now need no further offers I'm sold! Where is their merch stall? After a shout out for the Uber Rock massive back home in the South Wales valleys who hosted these guys a couple of nights prior to this performance, the mutual respect and love was flowing. It's easy to see how this band went down so well back home. They work hard and play hard knocking out an excellent set of infectious streetpunk rock and roll. This is where Rebellion excels, opening the door on a fantastic band like Harrington Saints via a most excellent performance on an already top day of music, with 'Saturdays In The Sun' and 'Bootstraps' being particularly memorable additions to my Rebellion soundtrack. Great stuff!


Duncan Reid


It’s not long before I’m back in the Arena for the next band on my Saturday hit list, a performance by none other than Duncan Reid & The Big Heads. Winning the prize hands down for the most dapper front man and guitar player on site this weekend with their sharp suits and style, Mr Reid then set about rocking our socks off with a splendid set of old and new songs. There is something special about the Arena stage (deep in the bowels of the Winter Gardens) and every year it delivers possibly the best sound out of all the stages, which can be a great help to both performers and audience, but once 'Montevideo' has the crowd rocking there is no looking back because for the next forty minutes or so this Arena is a mass of beaming faces and bopping bodies. The solo material is broken up with classic Boys tracks, and why not? It was becoming obvious that Reid & His Big Heads were knocking out a bit of Rebellion magic. This really was excellent! If I was asked to pick a set I think I'd have got it pretty much spot on as the choices of 'Kellys Gone Insane', '77','Thinking' and 'The One' playing out seamlessly alongside Boys classics such as 'TCP', 'Box Number' and the epic 'Terminal Love'. The introductions and kind words directed towards his former bandmates were a nice touch from Mr Reid before his all too short set was brought to an end with the inclusion of 'First Time’. This really was a set I could quite happily have watched again and again. If Duncan Reid And The Big Heads roll into your town sometime soon make sure you’re in attendance for what will be a special night of rock and roll, Trust me. This was one of the best performances at Rebellion 2013 - no question about it.


UK Subs


Phew, I'm not sure I can keep this up - I'm exhausted just remembering some of the mighty fine bands I've managed to catch so far and there is so much more to come. It's back into the Empress for the UK Subs, and with a new album to promote and a lifetime of music to celebrate this band just seem to be getting better and better. My initial thoughts are it could be down to having such a consistent line up for the last five years or so, and the terrific amount of shows they play is just phenomenal. Maintaining such a high standard of live performances isn't something I'd imagine to be that easy, but when was the last time you saw the Subs and they were just good never mind very good? Tonight the packed Ballroom is off and running to the sound of 'Creation' and the place is absolutely jumping, but it was reassuring that the band are human when we were barely three songs in and Jet’s guitar goes out of tune! How dare it. Normal service was resumed for 'Down On The Farm' as the band proceeded to raise the bar before it was all over way too soon. I guess we'll meet again - how about same time same place next year? It has to be doesn't it?


Hwwho Acoustic


For the first time this year I found myself at the Acoustic stage to catch an unmissable solo performance from the legend that is He Who Cannot Be Named. It was quite refreshing not to be standing up in something that resembled a sauna as the Acoustic stage was easily the most comfortable place to catch some live music. The legend that the ex? Dwarves guitarist is, I suppose the rather obvious question that was doing the rounds was “He wouldn't would he?” And early doors it looks like he flaming well is you know. He Who Cannot Be Named takes to the stage with obligatory luchador headwear in place complete with the obligatory studded wrist bands, but wait he has a man size nappy on, or is it a ra ra skirt? This isn't so much a cop out as rather something much more comfortable that will make the members of the Harrington Saints who are all sitting in the front row feel much safer and save them having flashbacks later on. Watching the former? Dwarf carry out what many thought impossible and play an acoustic set of classic pop songs naked (well almost) was a joy to behold. Sure there were classics Dwarves tunes in his oh so brief set, but the highlight was the new material like 'Die Die Die' and 'Eat Babies'. This shit is getting surreal now and after breaking a string He Who Cannot Be Named soldiers on where others might have crumbled. 'Machine Boy' is simply one of the best tunes heard all weekend and this is from just one man and an acoustic guitar. It was also one of those ‘only at Rebellion’ moments seeing He Who Cannot Be Named walking through the market stalls in fetching stage gear! Mask and nothing else but a smile. I need a rest, and missing Chas And Dave start the night of Cockney shenanigans over in the Empress is a simple sacrifice to make.


Cockney Rejects


Now contain your excitement ladies and gentlemen, because fresh from starring in a movie about their lives (and an excellent documentary it is too) Custom House’s very own sons The Cockney Rejects are about to hit the Empress stage. With the place packed to the art décor rafters it almost explodes as Jeff 'Stinky’ Turner struts on the stage bobbing and weaving as he dishes out his famous six punch routine to a thunderous soundtrack of street punk rock 'n' roll. He's motoring around the stage from side to side in an attempt to get rid of some of that energy he’s been bottling up. We later joked back at Uber Rock’ North Shore HQ that it was highly possible that Stinky was later seen running along Blackpool beach windmilling donkeys on the seafront to try and expel what was left of the energy he has. (Just watch the movie, the guy is a great character) Anyway back to the music. 'Grasses N Snides' sounds brutal as does 'Shitter' and I think everyone left the Empress Ballroom happy as a pig in shit as the band played the songs people wanted to hear. How could they fail? 'Join The Rejects'? Fuckin' right I would. [Dom Daley]


Cock Sparrer


With Dom shuffling off towards the Olympia with Jamie Delerict to watch his favourite punk rock ghouls, albeit from a very privileged position, me and the human earthquake otherwise known as Ian Bell take up our positions on the dance floor of the Empress for the welcome return of tonight’s headliners Cock Sparrer. It was only a few hours earlier that during an interview with a certain infamously nude guitarist that I suddenly noticed a plaque behind his masked head commemorating every Summer season’s headliner here at the Winter Gardens since year dot. How fitting I thought that given Sparrer’s recent work for local charities (they were raffling their backdrop from tonight’s show with all proceeds going to a local charity looking after the homeless) that they should perhaps have their name up their along with the likes of The Nolans, Cannon & Ball and Dana. All joking aside these five lads from dahn sarf hold Blackpool very dear to their hearts, so I guess as long as they have breath left in their bodies they’ll continue to come back year after (every other) year and do exactly what they do tonight every God damn time, and that my friends is blow the bloody doors off the Empress Ballroom. So as the clock edges just past the stroke of midnight the ‘Riot Squad’ guitar sirens once again go up and the united nations of Cock Sparrer crammed onto the perma sticky dance floor go suitably bananas for a band you cannot help but love. Fuck me, it’s raining beer…now you don’t get that in many seaside towns now do you. All the old favourites are here tonight, songs like ‘Watch Your Back’ , ‘Working’, Argy Bargy (with Watford Jon joining the band for a quick sing song), ’I Got Your Number’ and ‘Runnin’ Riot’. Plus this time around, as the band always like to do, we get tracks like ‘Taken For a Ride’ (from ‘The Decca Years’ album), ‘A.U’ and a superb ‘The Sun Says’ dotted throughout the setlist just to keep us on our toes. Not that we needed much waking up mind, what with the video screens the band have had installed beaming out their images 12 feet high across the hall in glorious Technicolor, thus ensuring that even the most “refreshed” amongst the crowd could get see the show, even when lying down…. Of the band up onstage the Sparrer forward line of McFaull, Bruce, Smith, Burgess, and Beaufoy are having an absolute ball for the hour or so they are with us, simply by doing what they do best, playing drop dead gorgeous slices of terraces rock ‘n‘ roll. However tonight I must also point out that someone must have put something in Colin McFaull’s bottle of Jack because he’s positively howling at the moon vocally. In the few times that I’ve seen these guys live I’ve honestly never seen them play anything other than a blinder, but tonight even I’m surprised at just how eager they seem to be to impress. Perhaps it’s all this globetrotting they are doing gig wise that is making these (normally) rare UK shows seem all the more special, especially as let’s face it, they aren’t getting any younger. You know if ‘England Belongs To Me’ then Blackpool must belong to Cock Sparrer, long may it continue, and let’s fucking ‘ave it ..while we still can. [Johnny H]




As soon as Random Hand finish their skanking set over on the Olympia 2 stage the dry ice and lights go up for the arrival of the Misfits. With full stage set up like no other it's time for some horror business as we are bathed in strobe lights before the deafening sound of Jerry Only's bass assault is met head on with the huge riffs of Dez Cadena and tub thumping of Eric 'Chupacabra' Arce. It's at that point right from the beginning of 'Devils Rain’ that I feel as if my head is about to explode with the sheer volume of the PA. I'm a great believer in “if it’s too loud then you’re too old” but hell's bells this is LOUD, louder than Control’s earlier set even!!! I move to a more comfortable position right by the side of the stage where the mix is far more acceptable and audible. The spectacle looks great and the band as usual sound like a “headliner”. Going on stage at 1am and trying to fit in as many songs over the next hour and a bit is going to be tough. With such a fantastic catalogue of tunes you’re not going to please everybody, but they certainly pleased me with ‘Land Of The Dead', 'Kong', a superb 'Teenagers From Mars' (that I've had locked in my head ever since wondering why I have to fill every silence with a mumbled verse), 'Attitude', 'We Are 138', 'Dig Up Her Bones' and 'Static Age'. It was littered with classic Misfits tunes hammered out like only the Misfits can. For an encore it was Dez's time to sing the Black Flag classic 'Rise Above', before 'Die Die My Darling' and set closer 'Saturday Night' had us heading for the exit having had one of the best days ever at Rebellion, surely Sunday couldn’t get any better, could it? [Dom Daley]




Ahhhh…… Sunday, the day of rest. Not when you’re at Rebellion though. With Ian Bell leaving us to head off on holiday before the cock could crow (I doubt we’d have heard it over his snoring anyway), it was soon time for Dom and I to head down to the Winter Gardens for a pre-planned chinwag with those Australian tearaways The Terraces. One slight problem though, there’s also an air show in town and the place is like a car park, hence by the time we arrive on site the guys from Melbourne (by way of Lancashire) haven’t even managed to check into their hotel. Balls!!!!


Never ones to pass on an opportunity to check out some new bands (well to us anyway) we quickly catch snippets of Channel 3 in the Empress and then Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man in the Arena, hoping they’ll blast what is left of the sleep from our eyes, and in the case of the latter we actually leave the Arena feeling like Malcolm McDowell during the aversion therapy scenes in ‘Clockwork Orange’. You want something fast and in your face punk rock then Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man are the band to wake you the fuck up.




Next up, as Dom tries to negotiate his way past his arch nemesis “Laminate Man” a security guy who seemingly hates AAA wristbands but loves the laminate variety, we inadvertently bump into Texas Terri Bomb on our way over to catch Orange County punks The Stitches playing their third UK show in as many days. Texas Terri Bomb is not only buzzing about getting to see a band the UK has had to wait two decades to witness (yeah, she’s going to watch The Stitches too), but also she’s on cloud nine about her riotous and belligerent performance the previous day. Credit where it is due here you know because this weekend it is Texas Terri Bomb we tend to see most singing along with the bands on stage, she’s not just some twisted genius she also a music fan, and thankfully by the time we do finally make it into the Empress the place is respectably full with like-minded individuals, ready to rock n roll at the ungodly hour of two fifteen on a Sunday afternoon. This includes one Matt Caughthran too who eventually takes up residence right next to Dom mouthing every word to tracks like ‘Pick Me Up’. Frontman Michael Lohrman may move like a ’76 Lydon but it is guitarist Johnny Witmer who deals the killer blows throwing out ice cool licks like some long lost US love child of Honest John Plain. I’d actually never heard of The Stitches before today, but I sure won’t be forgetting them in a hurry. What a fantastic way to properly kick-start our busiest day yet at Rebellion 2013.




With barely time to pick up our first cheeky Shiraz of the day, we sound find ourselves back in the snub confines of the Arena waiting for my long overdue interviewees The Terraces to arrive on stage. Fair play to guitarist Dean Tsolondres, he’s been texting me almost half hourly apologising for the band missing their earlier slot, but these guys don’t need to apologise to me, they released one of my favourite albums of 2012, so fuck the chatter that can wait for later, right now I want some streetpunk rock n roll Aussie style, and today these guys deliver it in spades. Having been a little disappointed with the band’s showing at the Rebellion Xmas bash back in December, the new line up completed by ex-Rose Tattoo bass man Stephen ‘Kingy’ King is an altogether different proposition. As ‘The Internationals’ kicks its way out of the PA the band is straight there, full on, and in your face, no pleasantries are uttered by frontman Gary Buckley, it’s just heads down no nonsense anthemic streetpunk that is played from the heart and delivered with mucho gusto. The songs may be the same, well with the additional Extra Time tunes like ‘Billy’ added in for good measure, but this time around The Terraces are taking no prisoners, and as they close with their superb version of ‘Complete Control’ the band are in just that over the Arena faithful.


TSOLI’m not sure I was expecting quite such a musical tour de force from The Terraces this afternoon but my warped and fragile mind can just about take it all in as I leave the Arena, however one thing I’m still struggling to take in is also the most surreal sight of the weekend, well next to Jamie Delerict’s Mr Humphries impressions over on the Misfits merch stall anyway. What could be weirder than that ‘70s sitcom/horror merch interface I hear you ask? Well how about Geoffrey Oi!Cott & The Dickie Birds warming up before they took to the Olympia stage via a few sneaky overs. I know Freddie Skintoff and the lads take their cricket not so seriously, but the guy in full on Bernie Clifton ‘Ostrich’ costume and helmet was a sheer bloody genius, and exactly what Rebellion has always been about. You need to expect the unexpected here that’s for sure. Which is why when Dom and I go to grab a quick bite before our next band we almost expect what is about to happen, not to…why? Well that band is T.S.O.L and the last time I was due to see them they weren’t allowed into the UK.


Thankfully today Jack Grisham and gang have made it past customs and they are also about to seize the band of the weekend crown from a band they immediately pay tribute to via a knock out cover of ‘Politics’. That band are of course The Damned and rather ironically by doing exactly what they did a few nights earlier but cutting out the chaff and just getting on with playing the best of their back catalogue, T.S.O.L manage to leave everyone totally gobsmacked. Not that the Grisham lead T.S.O.L back catalogue has much chaff in it mind you, ‘World War III’ helps turn the dance floor of the Empress into one of the most vicious pits I’ve seen anywhere for any band with a singer wearing a skirt, oh did I forget to mention Grisham took to the stage wearing his wife’s best skirt? He then proceeded to rip it to shreds, just like he does to tracks like ‘Fuck You Tough Guy’ and ‘Abolish Government/Silent Majority’, he might look like Simon Le Bon in drag these days but none of his venom is missing, and as he spits out the legend “Love T.S.OL hate your government” I bet you not one person in this place is going to disagree with him. I don’t think anyone would be brave enough to anyway. T.S.O.L were nothing short of legendary this afternoon, and I’m for once kind of lost for words regarding just how awesome they are…You really have to catch them live whilst you still can.


BronxWith another tick against one of my bucket list bands I finally catch up with The Terraces for my long overdue chat which you’ll be able to read right here on Uber Rock very shortly, it did run for forty five minutes though so as a result I end up re-joining the throng in the Empress just as Fucked Up have left the stage. However I wasn’t going to be moving far because up next are my contenders for the Uber Rock Album Of The Year 2013…..Ladies and gentlemen I present The Bronx.


Hold on though there’s something not quite right here and I don’t quite know what it is, then just as the melody line from ‘ The Unholy Hand’ start to rap itself around your neck and squeezes tightly it hits me like a sledge, there’s no Joby J Ford. However as Matt is quick to point out, this isn’t through choice, as heading over from Los Angeles, it appears Joby and the band’s gear have gone one way…that of course is also the wrong way, whilst the other four have thankfully made it to the Vegas of the North. Not letting such trivial matters as being a man down (“Oh Joby’s Ok he’s off dishing out hand jobs in the Bermuda Triangle” quips the frontman) what is left of the band proceeds to bring the fury via killer tracks such as ‘Shitty Future’ which is aptly dedicated to Blackpool, ‘Rib Cage’ which gives GBH a shout out and finally ‘False Alarm’ which sees Matt admitting he is gutted not to have been on site a day earlier to catch one of his favourite bands of all time Cock Sparrer. It’s during a cataclysmic ‘History’s Stranglers’ that ends the band’s set that I find myself scrawling “The Bronx are without doubt the best live band in the world today”, and you know what, for once I might just be bang on the money.


Hewho Arena


So how exactly do you follow that? Well, what about a set from a masked nude guitarist who cannot be named. Yup that’s right my next encounter was back in the Arena with the Dwarves now only sometime guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named who is in town with his six piece band promoting his all new ‘Humaniterrorist’ album. It’s the masked avenger’s old(?) band that gets things underway though as the deadly duo of ‘Back Seat Of My Car’ and ‘Let’s Fuck’ quickly make you realise that behind all the filth what the Dwarves really do well is write instantly catchy songs. As does He Who Cannot Be Named who then proceeds to rattle through the likes of ‘Super Hero’ and the immense ‘Machine Boy’ from his debut solo album ‘Sunday School Massacre’ with suitable ease. Casting an eye around the crowd there are band members from the likes of Harrington Saints and Cock Sparrer all watching and smiling from ear to ear, so whatever effect He Who Cannot Be Named’s music has on people, he really should bottle it and then sell it on his website alongside his magical fridge magnets in turn making the world a whole lot happier place to be. Oh and before I forget it, someone really needs to get Spunk Volcano and He Who Cannot Be Named to do a split album sometime soon, what an awesome proposition that would be. ‘Songs To Fuck Your Nan To Volume 1’ really does have a certain ring to it don’t you think?




With Rebellion 2013 entering the home straight Dom and I try and catch as many bands we’d like to see but can’t watch all of, in one quick swoop whilst also waving goodbye to Jamie Delerict (who is sadly too busy packing down his Misfits supermarket to join us tonight). So as a result we breeze past Peter Hook & The Light, who are turning in an impressive version of ‘Isolation’…balls I’d really have liked to have watched these, before we catch what is left of the set from Swiss rockabilly trio The Peacocks, who not only win the T-shirt of the weekend award for their Motorhead War Pig pastiche but also manage to somehow get the whole of a very tired looking Arena dancing like loons to tunes from their mighty fine ‘Don’t Ask’ album. There’s something truly irresistible about great rock ‘n’ roll music and The Peacocks help remind us of that fact. Bloody ‘ell remember when The Living End used to be this good? We end our stage prowl by catching a few songs from Newport punks Strawberry Blondes, who have the dubious honour of closing the Olympia venue at this year’s festivities. I say dubious because most people appear to be heading over to the Empress for tonight’s headliners, but for those hardy enough to stick with Stabbs and his now brass infused streetcore mob the rewards are most certainly plentiful.


Sham 69Casting my mind back a few years to the Empress Ballroom and I’m waiting for some band or other to come on stage when ‘If The Kids Are United’ blasts out over the PA immediately turning to the venue into one huge pissed up punk rock choir. I distinctly remember turning to my wife and saying “now that’s who they should get back together to headline here, Sham 69”. Fast forward to last year and finally I got to see the Jimmy Pursey fronted version of Sham 69 in Swindon and the night immediately grabbed top spot in my Uber Rock Gigs Of The year list for 2012. Now I’m here in Blackpool stood in the fullest looking Empress ballroom I’ve ever seen waiting to do it all over again, question is could the (Hersham) boys top that hot and sweaty night of almost twelve months earlier? Well, honestly no they don’t top it, they do easily match it though, and for those who have yet to see this reunited line up of Pursey, bassist Dave Tregunna and guitarist Dave Parsons ably assisted by Mr Robin Guy on the tubs this is punk rock manna. The set list is pretty much identical to the one I lost my Sham cherry to, (albeit here tonight they add a tune called ‘Bastille Cake’) and what a set list it is, ‘Rip Off’, ‘Tell Us The Truth’, ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’, and ‘Borstal Breakout’ all sound like the undoubted classics they all are, and thankfully with no right wing knuckleheads around to make Jimmy cry this time around we make it to the encore via a main set which comes to a prophetic end with that vision of unity I had all those years previous.


As we make our way back to the North Shore for the final time this year, we reflect on what was undoubtedly the best ever Rebellion Festival we have ever had the good fortune of attending, and for me as I said at the beginning of our mammoth punk rock expedition it was made all the more special because a certain Dom Daley was there to share the experiences with us.


So thanks to all the bands who stopped us to say “hello”, thanks to Jamie Delerict for putting up with our buffoonery, thanks to Dom and Ian for putting up with my (colour coded and laminated) OCD, and finally thanks to the very kind people who help sort our West Walian warrior out with a AAA pass so he could take a rest whenever his dicky ticker was playing up.


Here’s to Rebellion 2014, the hotel is booked already… Get in there! [Johnny H]