The Sick Livers - Bridgend, Hobos - 17th September 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 05:00

sickliversgigWhere better to be on a Friday night than in some rock club in Bridgend, South Wales waiting to watch The Sick Livers kick up a rock 'n' roll shitstorm? Yeah, ok, maybe not everyone's first choice, granted.


After being subjected to a few support bands who, putting it tactfully, plied some sort of heavy metal shout-a-thon that went right over my head amid a flurry of shredding riffs and a load of posing that would have made Limp Bizkit blush and one old school punk band that were breaking in a new drummer after one rehearsal (even if they did a decent enough cover of Black Flag classic 'Rise Above' and the axeman was wearing a nice Bad Brains t-shirt) not a lot else happened except to say a very busy crowd of youngsters fucked off before the Sick Livers took the stage much to their own personal shame and my annoyance (why do that?). Anyway, their loss because they missed a set of top notch punk rock 'n' roll from Ginge and the boys.


Having to start the set twice because of an AWOL bass in the mix (which was a pretty decent sound, to be fair) and having to DI the bass (tech speak), The Sick Livers seemed unperturbed and thundered through the short, but oh so sweet set of classic blasts of punk rock. They deserved a full room and maybe some of the young pups with their 30 Seconds To Mars haircuts would have been open to a rock 'n' roll education into the wonderful world of The Sick Livers but, hey ho, you can't win 'em all.


The ones left in the room were treated to some killer cuts from the 'From Rumney To Hell' EP, with my personal favourite being dedicated to the guy who inspired the song 'Tell Lawrence I Love Him'. Ginge was on form with some quality banter with the audience who thought wearing a cool pair of creepers was something to be ashamed of (thank fuck they didn't clock my 3 inch high pair of Satan's slippers covered in leopard skin or they'd have ran for the hills in fear, thinking that the creeper boys were taking over). As it happens, creepers are cool and some klutz wearing a pair of Lonsdale trainers is always going to come a cropper from a man mountain wearing cool creepers but, hey, it amused the rest of the audience as the banter became more and more weird with every song. Ginge got his point across with a smile and he knows what's cool to wrap around one's feet so nuff said.


'I Was Born To Fuck You Baby' got some ladies all of a quiver when confronted by the passionate frontman as he lamented them with his poetry, thank god he didn't dedicate 'Pussy Disease' to them as well as he might have blown his chances with the ladies. Before the set was through we were treated to a blistering cover of 'Denim Demon' that would have had the other bands on the bill shitting themselves, and a mighty fine choice of cover it was too. God bless Turbonegro and anyone brave enough to have a bash at one of their tunes. Unfortunately the night was over too quickly and back on the M4 we headed with a smile on our chops and some great music ringing in our ears. Catch The Sick Livers if you can, you won't regret it - they are class.