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Written by Hannah Reid   
Saturday, 02 September 2017 04:30

This was the first ever Scottish date that Breaking Benjamin had ever played, and the atmosphere around it was electric and full of life. It was a sold out show, and the venue was packed from front to back.


The show opened up with Starset, a five piece band founded in 2013 under the genre of cinematic rock – and after intending one of their shows you can see why. Every visual that happened on stage matched and connected with the music that was being performed, the stage presence and costumes that the band adorned were something exceptionally unique.


Starset - Glasgow 1


Releasing two concept albums in the past four years (and getting a massive following in the process), they included songs from both those albums, combining them throughout their set and making everything work and flow together. Their top songs - ‘Monster’, ‘Carnivore’ and ‘My Demons’ - had near enough the whole front row and more belting along, hands in the air.


Everything about this band was coordinated and perfected, making their show even more entertaining and exciting to watch. You could feel the emotions coming across with each chorus and the added synths and microphone changes made everything feel extra-terrestrial.


Starset - Glasgow 2


The crowd loved them, singing along to various songs and jumping whenever the beat was right – and clearly every member of the band was enjoying themselves. Whenever the crowd cheered and clapped, smiles appeared on each of their faces as they took it all in. They made sure that everyone in that room was warmed up and ready for one of the best shows of the year, while equally giving their all to the show. The set the bar very high for the night, and knew exactly what everyone there wanted to see and hear, making sure that they all got just that.


Breaking Benjamin - Glasgow 1


Stepping out onto a Scottish stage for the first time in the band’s career, the headliners were met with one of the loudest and happiest cheers I’ve personally ever heard at a concert before. From the get go there were crowd surfers, leaping over one another to get over the barrier and as close to the band as they possibly could.


Opening with ‘So Cold’ from ‘We Are Not Alone’ brought everyone in the room together and from there it seemed everything on their setlist worked together in perfect harmony. Half way through their set, another one of their better known songs, ‘Breath’ from ‘Phobia’, they invited out Dustin from Starset to join them in singing – and that’s a combination I would love to see more of in future as the two of them singing and working together was amazing. Dustin brought something new and refreshing to the song, and this made the crowd jump around even more – I think this was the song that the most people crowd surfed during, receiving high fives from multiple members of Breaking Benjamin.


‘Ashes Of Eden’ brought the mood down to a sombre one ever so slightly, the lights dimming other than one over the disco ball which cast small dots all over the room and giving a very mystical feel to the entire song and room.


Breaking Benjamin - Glasgow 2


The final song they played was, arguable, one of their biggest and most well-known: ‘Diary Of Jane’. The crowd erupted once again, all coming together for one last time of the night to sing their hearts out – I don’t think there was one face in the room that didn’t have a smile plastered over it.


Breaking Benjamin took their final bow, smiles all-round the room, promising they would be back some point in the near future left everyone feeling even more brilliant as the show ended. They combined a mixture of all their best and favourite songs from each of their albums into one setlist and one amazing night of music.


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