AlteredSky/The Reason/TakeToday/Academy 54/Miami Monroe – Glasgow, The Garage – 25 August 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Hannah Reid   
Saturday, 02 September 2017 04:00

Ahead of their first tour of Asia, AlteredSky took to The Garage in Glasgow for their last Scottish show of the year - and it was set to be a good one from the get go.


Miami Monroe


Miami Monroe were up first and set the tone for the night, as well as showing what Glasgow had to offer with their local bands. A fast and energetic five piece band full of creativity and talent which never fail to disappoint at every show they perform at. All the originality in their songs set them up for a very good show and the stage presence they have are both something that makes them stand out and stick in your memory.




Academy 54 were next up, and brought another level of fun to the stage. A four-piece pop punk band from Hamilton and formed only two years ago in 2015, they made sure their set list contained a good flow of music fit for the evening and it was some of their best work in order to showcase exactly what they could do. Near the end of the set we were treated to their own version of ‘Stacy’s Mom’ by Fountains Of Wayne.


Take Today


Third up were Take Today, who brought a slightly different sound to the previous bands, being a little more dance-y, and this helped to keep the crowd energetic as the night went on. The lights helped add to the music that was being produced and create more atmosphere with what was happening on the stage. They also got the crowd participating with one of their songs, getting them involved and making sure they were loud enough before continuing on with the song.


The Reason


The Reason were the headline support band of the evening and brought with them a cheery and upbeat sound. Mixing between some acoustic guitar and electric guitars through their songs kept the audience on their toes and excited to see what was going to happen next. They were also very good at getting everyone excited and riled up for AlteredSky coming up next.




After a fantastic range of local bands, AlteredSky took to the stage to show more of what Glasgow talent could do. This was the band everyone was waiting for, and the level for the night had already been set very high by the previous bands – but AlteredSky were up for this challenge.


Playing through older, newer and brand new songs got everyone singing along at least once, and excited for what was to come with the songs that were being performed for the first time. They made sure the energy throughout the room was always high and full of life, getting the crowd jumping along to every song and making sure they were all having fun. They had gotten their fans to vote online for, arguably one of their most loved songs, ‘Stupid In The Dark’, to be on the set list for the show.


AlteredSky 2


Everyone was involved throughout the whole show in order to make sure that AlteredSky had the best last show in Glasgow of the year – and one that AlteredSky were not going to forget. Treating us to their dramatic rendition of ‘Livewire’, featuring the plague doctor mask and gas lamp opening, as their encore song made the perfect way to finish a perfect night by the band.


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