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Written by Geno D   
Saturday, 23 September 2017 04:00

So, another Saturday night in Sheffield and sneaking into town was the Voodoo Six tour with tour support coming from Skam and The Dukes of Bordello. Well, to be honest, I was thinking what a bit of a mixed up bill and this should be interesting.


Skam 1


The last time I spoke to Andy from The Dukes of Bordello he was telling me that they were going to take a break. Well, to be fair, three weeks for them was long enough! Their infectious mix of rockabilly, psychobilly, punkabilly and blues is one helluva way to kick-start any show. Engines on and pedal to the floor and The Dukes ripped into ‘All In The Name’ and didn't look back. By the time ‘Gutter’ hit two tracks later the crowd had woken up and there was some serious movement going. ‘Wrecking Ball’ just showed how much the crowd knew the lyrics to the song and sing-a-long began. The interaction of The Dukes with the crowd is working, and so Andy and the boys hit the nitro and go for broke: ‘Wilko’ , ‘Born To Die’ and ‘Scream’ have everybody moving and singing. Yes, The Dukes of Bordello sweated and sang and drank 'cos that’s what they do best ....... good old punky bastard blues with a ‘50s hillbilly rock ‘n’ roller attitude.




Voodoo Six 4


Being as I had never seen SKAM do a complete show due to other media commitments, this was a nice treat, and for the Leicester trio it was also a chance to highlight a couple of tracks of the forthcoming album which is how they open the show. The new tracks are a bit heavier and do rock and Steve does not disappoint on the guitar work with Matt and his bass lines in a gurning world of their own. Current single ‘Between The Eyes’ is the show opener directly followed up by ‘Fading Before The Sun’. Both are nice little groovy numbers and the crowd is really into it so the future of the album is looking good.


Voodoo Six 3


But there were a lot of new faces in the crowd tonite and it isn't until they start into the back catalogue that the response get bigger. With three tracks off the highly successful ‘Peacemaker’ album - ‘The Wire’, ‘Peacemaker’ and ‘Holy City’ - the crowd was loving it: pumped fists in the air, standing room shuffle and voices in harmony singalong. Well, I was wondering how they were going to end it - and they didn't disappoint. ‘Massacre’, from the album ‘It's Come to This’, is a true showing of the appreciation of the past and their love for all things Black Sabbath. Drummer Neal gets a moment to shine and then it's all out for the SKAM onslaught. The guys have come a long way since I first saw them and it understandable why they keep getting bigger and bigger. Watch out for these guys.




Skam 2


So, it comes down to Voodoo Six for wearing the audience out. While I have been a fan of these guys since they started, I am a bit apprehensive that a small room with their big sound was not going to work out well. This is the type of band that moves and small stages get a bit cramped. But these guys are seasoned veterans and no limbs were lost and no blood was spilled.


Most of the tracks for the show come from the recently released new album, ‘Make Way for The King’ - but they had to start with a bang. So ‘Falling Knives’ opened and the classic riffs started. While Matt, Craig, Tony and Joe keep the tunage moving and grooving, it's vocalist Nik Taylor Stokes who is getting a workout. Nik is a great vocalist and covering the tracks from ‘Fluke’ (3) and ‘Songs To Invade Countries To’ (4) prove this as the range is quite stretching. But it is the seven tracks from the new album where he is at home. These tracks are a bit heavier, darker and bluesier than the previous outings and highlight his fantastic voice.


Voodoo Six 1


The crowd is kept entertained, and when they come to the album title track, ‘Make Way For The King’, Voodoo Six is in very very good form. But the track that hits everybody is ‘Amen’ - a song written after the Paris tragedy at the Bataclan. As Nik says, “It's about us the band and you the fans supporting and rocking out and never stopping”. Ending the night with ‘Your Way’ is a nod to all.


To be honest, none of the bands disappointed and if you haven't seen any of them live then you must.


The Voodoo Six tour continues at the Cathouse in Glasgow tonight (Saturday 23 September), before hitting Talking Heads in Southampton on Thursday, The Crauford Arms in Milton Keynes on Friday, finishing in Swansea next Saturday (30 September). If you’re in the area, catch one of the shows if you can!




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