The Hip Priests/The Black Bullets/The Sick Livers/Trigger McPoopshute - Newport, Le Pub - 20th September 2012 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley & Johnny H   
Saturday, 29 September 2012 05:00

Hip_Priests_PosterDirty boys making lots and lots of noise and all on a school night as well. Those hot blooded rock 'n' roll types with the slightest shred of musical sense will know that the only place to be on a Thursday night is at Le Pub in the 'Port, and a decent turn out is in the house for this 26 legged groove machine as it revs itself up for what is anticipated to be one of the hottest tickets in town for those in the know. If you've been reading Uber Rock and have the capacity to absorb some of these here words you'd already know that these bands are red hot at the moment, and tonight is the opening night of The Hip Priests and The Black Bullets' ongoing Sextember and Rocktober UK tour.


So, what better way to kick off the proceedings than with local sickos Trigger McPoopshute? All the soon-to-become-classics from the band's 'Coughing Up A Pellet' EP were included like 'American Manc' and 'Plug's House' and Gaz E gets his three minutes of fame during a faithful rendition of 'Car Full Of Stash'. Lead throat and bass monster Mr. Sutton even managed to find time to have an Axl Rose moment with his mic stand that probably lasted longer than half his band's songs, but he got there in the end and the highlight, as always, for me was a flawless rendition of their classic no nonsense punk rock racket that is better known as 'Sheep'. I must say I also applaud the wonderful tone of guitar slinger Pratten's telecaster right out of Mr Brian James' pocket - nice one and a great way to open the evening.  


Livers_1Up next we have the wonderful and rude delights of The Sick Livers, and rising to the occasion they once again knock the ball right out of the park, with the new songs on display sounding tighter every time I see them play. 'Cocaine Jeans' really is turning into a fuckin' monster of a track with frontman Ginge sporting his new quiff and strutting his stuff on the dance floor like a man possessed, wrapping the mic lead round his (tiger) feet for the umpteenth time. The band were on fire tonight, no doubt raising their game with the onlooking Priests and Bullets. The gauntlet was certainly well and truly thrown down. I hope it's not too long before The Sick Livers get these new tracks nailed down onto CD and vinyl because at the moment they are an absolute joy to watch and hear live. In other newie 'Bummed To Death' they also have the finest of tunes to end their set. Quite simply there is nowhere to go after slaying us with that one and they bow out bruised and dripping wet, free Sailor Jerry's rum is drunk and we toast another fine, fine performance from Wales's premier Glunkers.


Halfway through the evening and up next are south coast Glunkers The Black Bullets. Formed from the ashes of XX Cortez and featuring members of Young Lust, the bar that was set earlier in the evening was about to be smashed down as frontman Rob Castle (sporting a fierce beard) led his fearsome foursome through a veritable feast of low down dirty rock 'n' roll, and for the next thirty or so minutes we were treated to a fantastic display from a hungry up and coming band that we're going to hear a lot more from over the coming months - no doubt about it. Kicking off with 'Black Bullets' from their debut EP these boys aren't fuckin' about and get on with business. As tight as two rizlas this is bordering on aural abuse of the best kind at times and by the time they get to knock out a brutal version of the Motorhead classic 'Killed By Death' you're left in no doubt that these boys love to make a noise and aren't just talking the talk, nah they're walking the walk. Rock 'n' roll needs a shot in the arm right now in the UK and tonight is proof that there are bands out there who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and put on a show that has danger, energy and above all fantastic tunes. By the time we reach 'Too Loaded For Love' the place is cooking and they smash through 'Shoot 'em Down' before raising more than the odd smile as they finish with a blindingly good version of  'No Mercy'; did the LA Guns version ever sound this good? A great way to finish a set and tonight really was a great introduction to an exciting new band taking not so much baby steps more great big fuck off biker boots steps - stomping on our ear drums with a fantastic "fuck you" attitude. Tres bien The Black Bullets - I'm in, so where you taking us next?




With the clock ticking and me with one eye on the last train to Shitsville, I'm impressively sober(ish) as I get to see the first four songs from The Hip Priests set, so at this point I'll hand you over to Mr H Bomb to do them justice, but what I will say is that every time I see The Hip Priests they seem to get better and better, and right up until I had to make my shamefully early exit they were frighteningly good, and at least I got to see them perform the year's finest song in 'Outta My Head (Into Your Pants)'. Gutted (about leaving early) but what a night out watching excellent bands flying the flag for real no bullshit rock 'n' roll, what a treat, and on a school night too!!!!


I salute you all and look forward to the next time.


Priests_4With Dom halfway out the door before The Hip Priests are due to go on I have a confession to make, and that confession is over the last weeks in the run up to tonight's show I've been giving 'Full Tilt Bullshit' a right old bollocking on the stereo. There is just something about the second album from tonight's headliners that draws me in and locks me into a vibe that when I'm feeling a bit low (which has been quite often recently) immediately gets me grinning from ear to ear. Something that these days I can honestly say only a handful of bands actually manages to achieve. It's not a smile in a funny way you must understand, nah it's that energy and spirit that only a real rock 'n' roll band can muster up in me that has me as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. And that is why I'm stage front and centre as The Hip Priests make their way onto Le Pub's compact and bijou stage. Then as the opening chords of 'Sonic Reproducer' ring out I'm gone, totally lost in the wonderment of a band that deserves to be so fucking huge that their merch stand wouldn't be able to fit on stages this size in the future.


You can forget opening night nerves for bass swinger Lee Love, six stringer Austin Rockett, stick twirler Skintight Tim and the pint sized human dynamo that is frontman Nathan Von Cruz, because tonight The Priests are simply on fire. Perhaps it's the fact that they supported one of their all time fave bands, Nashville Pussy, earlier in the week or the fact that they have just recorded a split single with the Dwarves, whatever it is somebody is definitely putting more than just a few shots of Sailor Jerry in the water that these boys are imbibing because in the few months or so since I last saw them live with Nathan out front they have done the almost impossible thing - by getting even better at delivering short, sharp shots of anthemic punk rock 'n' roll.


Okay due to a tight curfew the set is maybe short of a few tunes I would have loved to have heard live again, but these guys can certainly do no wrong with those of us who dance through classic after classic, and I defy anyone not to get that happy feeling I described right at the start when the opening bars of 'Outta My Head (Into Your Pants)' kicks in. This is the Glunk anthem of 2102 boys and girls played by one of the bands of the year, make no mistake.


A Hip Priests gig wouldn't be right without a little mayhem and in closing number 'Jesus Died So We Could Ride' the ensuing stage invasion by their touring partners and over enthusiastic fans most certainly meant there was going to be no encore tonight. 


Gigs like this certainly don't come around that often brothers and sisters so make sure you catch one of the remaining dates on this tour (the Rocktober dates are still to follow) because if you don't check this tour out you will not only be missing a night you will never ever forget but you will also be automatically labelling yourself as a bit of a clueless cunt. 




The dates left on this tour are as follows: