Corrosion Of Conformity - New York City, Highline Ballroom - 10th October 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Anthony Allen Van Hoek   
Friday, 22 October 2010 06:00




Raleigh, North Carolina's Corrosion Of Conformity performing with their classic 'Animosity' line-up of Reed Mullin on drums and vocals, Mike Dean on bass and vocals and Woody Weatherman torturing his guitar. Awesome! I've always loved this band and these guys haven't done this material in a long time, this was going to be good.


First I want to say how cool I thought it was that COC was out there setting up and tuning their own gear, no roadies. Most people probably didn't even realize it was them but they look pretty much the same as they did 20 some years ago - Reed's got a bit of middle age pudginess and Mike's got less hair but it almost looked like the back cover of 'Animosity' come to life.


After they were tuned up they said a few words to each other and started with the near instrumental (there's one word in it) 'Animosity' and tore through a few more classics before stopping for air. Then they did a few bars of 'Hand Of Doom' by Black Sabbath, man I wish they would've done the whole thing! You could tell these guys were having a blast! At one point Reed was introducing the band and he noted that he's known guitarist Woody Wwoodycoceatherman since they were in 5th grade (that's about ten years old for you Europeans).


I've got to say that the audience was incredibly weak! It was full of older dudes and hipsters so I guess that's to be expected. But still, my girl and I ventured up to the front of the stage right before they started playing and I said to her, "Let's see how long we last up here" thinking it'd be about five seconds before some idiot came flying off the stage and landed on our heads, but no, there was hardly any movement at all, just fist pumping and a little headbanging. Which was good on one hand because we were able to take a few pictures and enjoy the show from a great vantage point, but terribly disappointing from the standpoint of this being one of the all time classic US hardcore bands getting very little in the way of crowd reaction.


Which brings me to another problem with the show - the opening bands! Who decided it was a good idea to have excruciatingly boring mathcore bands open for COC (I'm not even going to name them here but if you're really curious I'm sure you could do some research and figure it out)? The openers were so lame that they sucked the energy right out of the room and that may have also played a part in the weak crowd response for COC. I could think of about twenty local New York bands that would've been more appropriate openers...cough, Slice 'em Ups, cough, cough...


Anyway, as far as I remember, they played every song off 'Animosity' and a couple I didn't recognize, maybe from 'Eye For An Eye'? Then they closed with 'Technocracy'. Someone in the crowd yelled for Simon Bob Sinister (the band's one-time singer who sang that song on record) and Reed said he's now a sheriff in California or something. Then they were done, that was it. They were great and I wish they'd do this more often, but next time with better opening bands please!