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Written by Hannah Reid   
Friday, 13 October 2017 04:20

For nearly 25 years, Bush have been gracing our stages and exciting audiences all over the world, making sure that every show they put on was full of life and energy, and left everyone wanting more.


Opening up tonight’s show was RavenEye, a three-piece band who knew how to keep a crowd engaged. Their classic rock style had everyone nodding and bobbing along as they played, and introducing us to new breakdowns within a song to keep us on our toes as we listened.



Their “newest” album came out nearly a year ago to this show date, and there was still a buzz about hearing the songs live that brought more life to the room. It didn’t take long – on the third song to be exact – for lead singer and guitarist Oli Brown to jump down from the stage and onto the barrier to get in with the crowd, pulling people in to sing along with him. The drummer soon got up and started doing some chants with the crowd and kept up the fast beat with the bass drum to get everyone even more excited for what was still to come.


The band also added some extras in – jumping from each other’s backs when the crouched down and off the drum kit to give even more excitement to their set and prove that they were not here to just play a few songs and leave. As I said earlier, they knew how to keep a crowd engaged and entertained. If it wasn’t enough, the lead singer found himself on his bassist’s shoulders playing guitar as they walked around the stage. They finished their set by gathering at the front of the stage and giving a bow to their audience – continuous cheers coming from them. And if this was the reaction to the supporting band, you knew that the headliners were going to get an even bigger one.


Next to the stage were the band everyone had been waiting for and the room was packed, everyone full of excitement for what was to come. And they weren’t disappointed. Their most recent album ‘Black and White Rainbows’ came out earlier this year, so this whole tour was to celebrate it and they made sure to play a whole bunch of new songs to keep their fans entertained. Opening their show with ‘Everything Zen’, a classic in terms of some of their other songs immediately had everyone engaged as they sung the words as loud as they could – everyone had their hands in the air as they got more and more into the show.


Bush 2

They made sure to include songs from all across their albums to please all kinds of fans – newer and older ones – and that made the atmosphere so much more enjoyable to be a part of. When Gavin Rossdale wasn’t singing he made sure that he was giving it everything on his guitar, coming down to the very front of the stage and playing the guitar on his knees and really getting into it.


This was one of the few bands where when you walk into a show you just know that the whole thing is just going to be brilliant and put on an absolute belter – and that they did. The whole show was energetic and lively, with everything flowing and working together, and the crowd were really getting involved with every song and every spoken moment that the band gave to them.


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