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Written by Hannah Reid   
Sunday, 29 October 2017 04:00

Hot on the heels of Neck Deep's most recent album release, ‘The Peace and The Panic’, the band were back in Glasgow for what was set to be a killer show. They had good opening and supporting bands - and the place was full and ready to get going. 




Woes were first up to the stage tonight, a local band from Edinburgh, and they knew how to get a crowd going. From the get go everyone was involved - singing, jumping and clapping. It didn't take much to get this crowd in the mood for having some fun, and that seemed to get enhanced when they released balloons into the crowd to play with during the set. There wasn't a lot of stage for them to play around with, but they made it work and used every inch to their benefit. You could feel the awe and amazement coming from the band, the lead singer even stating, "There's more people in this room than I can see." They mixed between slightly older and newer songs, making sure that everyone got a taste of what they could do. This was definitely one band that didn't disappoint and set the bar high for the rest to follow.


Real Friends


Next to the stage were Real Friends, an emo-pop punk band from Illinois, and they seemed to be a room favourite because when they walked onto the stage the centre of the room certainly made it known that they were excited for this band, with the rest of the crowd quickly joining in. The band had amazing stage presence and never stopped moving the whole time - and the crowd reacted to this by not only doing the same but also immediately beginning to crowd surf, and this was something that continued the whole way through their set. The set itself was played with energy and passion, "None of this would be possible without you" was a theme throughout the whole night and a phrase that was also stated by the band. Having only played Glasgow a few months beforehand, I feel like that gave them a hand up because they knew what to expect, and they knew what got the crowds going and what sort of reaction some things were going to get. This was another band that certainly didn't disappoint.


As It Is


You could feel the love in the room for the next band to come on stage from the minute one of their feet touched it - the atmosphere was electric. As It Is certainly had a large fan base in the room and I think that was what set it up to be the best support bands set of the night. Everyone was involved from the start, so it took no time at all for them to be jumping and singing. They played off the band, and lead singer Patty Walters interactions with the crowd made it even more enjoyable to watch and be apart of. ‘Hey Rachel’ put everyone in a good mood to sing and dance along to the point where even I wasn't sure there was even a foot on the floor for more than five seconds. Everyone was loving them, and their last song ‘Dial Tones’ seemed to bring everyone together with no one being left out. It was a brilliant choice to end on because it maintained that high energy feel that had been present the entire night.


The show tonight was sponsored by an anti-suicide charity, Hope For The Day, and Jonny Boucher, a spokesperson for them came out after the three support bands to give everyone a speech - telling us about mental illness and how it was okay to not be okay, that this was something that should be taken seriously. This was the theme for the whole night and it ran out true the entire time. 


Neck Deep


Finally, Neck Deep took to the stage and they entered as they meant to go on - dramatic and full of energy. A curtain was raised and red and blue lights bounced off it at the start before dropping down to reveal the band behind it ready to go. ‘Gold Steps’ was the third song, and everyone was ready to sing along to that one. Lead singer, Ben Barlow, made sure that the crowd got to sing all the backing vocals, turning his microphone onto them at every chance he got. This was also the song that got people over the barrier with crowd surfing, singing all the while. 


Even though this tour was all about the new album, they made sure to sprinkle songs from across their discography through it so that everyone was happy with what was being played. They kept the energy up throughout the entire set, playing off what the crowd were also giving them back and I think that that was one of the main reasons why it was such an enjoyable show and had everyone smiling and excited the whole time.


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