Lagerstein/Red Rum/Sellsword – Sheffield, The Corporation - 4 October 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Geno D   
Monday, 30 October 2017 04:20

So, it's a Wednesday night and sometimes you end up doing something crazy on a hump day of the week. Tonight, it's an adventure on the high seas as Australian pirate metal buccaneers Lagerstein hit The Corporation on a high tide of rum and sing along.


Lagerstein 1


First up is Sellsword.  While these guys are not pirates, they are land based mercenaries taking their unique mixture of power and heavy metal mix with symphonic overtures to a new extreme. They have managed to keep things thematic but at the same time manage to engage the smallish audience to move closer to the stage. While these guys have opened for a number of larger bands they are steadliy building a great grass roots following and to be fair they do have a cool looking mic stand in the form of double handed broadsword. So thumbs up for that.


Red Rum 1


Next up was the familiar, fun loving larger than life Red Rum... Now these guys are well known in the pirate metal scene and and they hold true to their form of outlandish tracks. Now the audience are here to have a good time and the guys sense that and turn up the jokes and the guitars. These guys can get an audience stirred up and by the time they finish the crowd is ready for the final ship.


Lagerstein 9


So now is the time the buccaneers from down under to hit the stage.... I first saw these pirates two years ago and knew then that if you want to have a good time then Lagerstein definitely should be at the party. These guys are full of life, beer, rum and fun. They hit the waves on mark and steer the fans who have come appropriately costumed with tri-corner hats, eye patches and plastic swords. Oh, the stuffed parrot!


While these guys have been on tour for the last six months they have honed their set and they timing is perfect. From the “Where's Neil?”  gag to the campfire moment when they come off stage and convince the audience to all sit down for a little acoustic and bonding. These guys deserve the accolades they have been receiving and don't look to slow down any time soon.


Lagerstein 6


A good night was had by all and we eagerly await these guys return after they sail around the world (again!).


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