Reel Big Fish/Anti-Flag/Mad Caddies/Sweet Little Machine - Fireball: Fuelling The Fire Tour – Glasgow, O2 Academy - 19 October 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Allan Maxwell   
Saturday, 28 October 2017 04:40

Some of the best-known ska and punk bands recently graced Glasgow’s O2 Academy stage as Fireball Whiskey brought their yearly alcohol-fuelled party tour around the Über Kingdom of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Reel Big Fish headlined the tour, with support from Anti-Flag, Mad Caddies and Fireball’s ‘Hottest Band of 2017’, Sweet Little Machine.


Sweet Little Machine 1


First up were Sheffield four-piece Sweet Little Machine who, like many before them stick with the tried and tested brand of pop punk made famous by punk legends Green Day and NoFx. Their catchy choruses and steady rhythms win over the Glasgow audience.


Mad Caddies 2


Mad Caddies are up next and bring their own laidback brand of ska punk with plenty of confidence oozing from within. They keep the crowd dancing with plenty of tracks from throughout their 20+ year career. Closing their set with ‘Coyote’, we get showered with the first blast of the two massive confetti cannons at the front of the stage.


Anti Flag 4


American punk four-piece Anti-Flag come blazing out and rip straight into ‘The Press Corpse’, the crowd feed off the bands energy and come to life all across the dance floor. Every song AntiFlag bring to the show is politically charged and has the crowd riled up and obliging with dancing and circle pits. During ‘When the Walls Fall’ they are joined by the brass section of Reel Big Fish who accompany them with a freshly written brass solo. A ramped-up cover of the Clash classic ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ went down a storm before bass play Chris Barker and drummer Pat Thetic make their way to the crowd to finish the set out with ‘Brandenburg Gate’.


As Reel Big Fish take the stage it is clear to see they are here for a party. With Aaron Barrett’s Hawaiian shirt and drinks in hand the jump right into ‘Ole’ and sets the mood straight from the offset. By the time they play ‘Everybody Else is an Asshole’, the beach balls are already flying and the atmosphere in the room in a erupts with part fever and the dancing continues both on and off stage.


Reel Big Fish 1


The show wouldn’t be complete without a compulsory shout out to tour sponsor Fireball Whiskey as Barrett announces that the next song describes the majority of the crowd and band - ‘Everybody’s Drunk’.


The whole show is filled with laughs and dancing as the Barrett lets everyone know they were about to play their big hit record from the 90s. They then proceed to play short covers of various classics such as Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, Lit’s ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ and The Offspring’s ‘Self Esteem’, claiming each song as their own. They even manage to throw in a snippet of The Proclaimers’ ‘(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles’ which goes down a storm. This all perfectly leads up to smash hit ‘Sell Out’ which set the audience off in ska dancing as far as the eyes can see.


They end the set with the other massive hit, their version of the A-Ha classic ‘Take Me On’. As the song draws to a close, the confetti cannons blast red and yellow confetti round the whole venue.


Reel Big Fish 5


Overall, the show was more bang than the buck. For £10 you got your ska and punk fix aplenty. Plenty of booze and good times. Every band got good length sets and no one had to wait long between bands, so the party mood was kept going throughout the night.


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