Cannibal Corpse/Dying Fetus/Annotations Of An Autopsy - London, Koko - 29th October 2009 Print E-mail
Written by Darrel Sutton   
Tuesday, 03 November 2009 17:17

1corpseadDue to the infinite wisdom of London venues, I managed to totally miss first band Trigger The Bloodshed as they must have started their set before the doors even opened. Hopefully next time as their recent album is a bit good.


First up (for me anyway) are Lowestoft grind/deathsters Annotations Of An Autopsy, who lay waste with some razor sharp riffing and an obscene amount of bottom end. Relying heavily on material from their 'Before The Throne Of Infection' album, AOAA plunder their new school death with aplomb, peaking with a pit inducing guest appearance from Jamie of Sylosis.


Dying Fetus really step things up a notch, whipping up a pit I've never seen the likes of for a support band, particularly in London. The packed out venue goes absolutely schizo as the US legends blast through their Morbid Angel-tinged slayfest. For a three piece they have an amazing intensity live and they leave the baying crowd absolutely pig-fucked in readiness for the main event......


Take a bow Cannibal Corpse. In a genre that has been strangled by too many mediocre and downright rubbish bands, Cannibal Corpse are rightfully regarded as legends and by many utterly peerless. Tonight they are on top form and kick straight in with the storming 'Evisceration Plague'. With the crowd absolutely lapping it up, they blast through all manner of favourites from throughout their career. Corpsegrinder's between song banter incites the crowd to headbang, windmill, "get the fuck in the pit" and generally rip the shit out of the place. As a reward they are given, amongst others, 'Fucked With A Knife' (dedicated to the ladies), 'Priest Of Sodom' (for the sluts), 'Make Them Suffer', 'From Skin To Liquid', and 'The Time To Kill Is Now'. Relentless in their delivery, heavy as fuck, windmilling their bollocks off, the Corpse leave their devoted legions drained and well and truly fucked, topping proceedings off with their signature anthem, 'Hammer Smashed Face'. 


When you sit down with the grandkids in years to come and they ask you to tell them about death metal (believe me it will happen!!) the first band you'll mention will be Cannibal Corpse.  They epitomise death metal and tonight they tear it a new arsehole.


Sheer class!