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Written by Ben Hughes   
Friday, 12 December 2014 03:00



I don't know at what point the Eureka Machines suddenly became one of my favourite current bands. I mean, sure I have their albums, I love 'em and I've seem them live before but always as a support and they are always great, but recently I've become a little bit obsessed by the black suit and white tie-wearing foursome from Leeds. Maybe it's their DIY ethics, the fact that they have struggled as underdogs and the success of their last Pledge funded album kept the band alive, I do love a good underdog story. It's probably just as likely that it's because they are just a damn fine band.


I only saw them a few weeks ago in York supporting The Ginger Wildheart Band, they were ace that night, in fact they overshadowed the headliners which is no mean feat seeing as I am a massive Ginger/Wildhearts fan. Tonight's sold out headline show is somewhat of a homecoming and a celebration all wrapped up in one package. They have chosen to film tonight's gig at their favourite venue The Brudenell Social Club for a Pledge-only DVD release. Also celebrating and on a high due to smashing their Pledge target for album number four in 80 minutes of it going live and reaching 200% in 2 days, not bad for a band who are completely D.I.Y.


Joining them are friends The Scaramanga Six and local punks Brawlers. The prospect of such a show is an exciting one and the tickets are just 7 measly gold coins that's a bargain!




Brawlers are in full flow as I enter, their singer is not on stage but I can tell where he is as there is an upside-down microphone stand dangerously protruding from somewhere in the first few rows. Singer Harry is in the crowd singing to a bemused crowd who have formed a semi circle around the singer.


Brawlers have a reputation for raucous live shows and after catching just a couple of songs I can see why. They are young, energetic and snotty as you like. They play anthemic Power Pop laced Punk Rock tunes with titles like 'Two Minutes' and 'I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shit'. Harry is a character on stage who can work a crowd with tongue planted firmly in cheek as his band kick ass behind him. Expect to hear more of them next year. In fact you should check them out now before someone else is telling you about them, be warned.


The Scaramanga Six are a bit of an oddity to be honest and difficult to pigeonhole which isn't a bad thing. The suited brothers Morricone lead their band through an eclectic, high energy set. They do have a tendency to sound a bit too much like The Pixies in places for my liking but they do have some great Goth/New Wave tracks going on and some that are just utter Cardiacs-like eccentricity filled madness. The likes of the excellent 'Walking Through Houses' does sound great though and the crowd in the now pretty much full room lap it up and they go down well, crowd well and truly warmed up, job done.




"EU-RE-KA! EU-RE-KA!" is the chant of choice and Eureka Machines are the band of the night. You can feel the anticipation and the excitement in the air tonight and as the lights dim to cheers they keep us waiting for what seems like an age before finally hitting the stage to the classic 20th Century Fox theme. 'Champion The Underdog' gets things going and it's clear from the start this is going to be a good 'un.


The faithful singalong to every catchy chorus that comes from Chris Catalyst's mouth for the next hour and 20 minutes or so. 'Pop Star', 'Story Of My Life' and 'Affluenza' follow in quick succession and prove they have more quality pop hooks up their black-suited sleeves than any band should do.


There's trademark scissor kick jumps from the pork pie hat wearing frontman, playing his Ibanez Iceman for possibly the last time tonight (it is to be raffled off on Pledge shortly), there's whistling from bassist Pete Human during their awesome cover of 'Walk Like An Egyptian', there's even footie moves from Chris with his bottle of water. What more do you want? New songs I hear you cry? Yep, there's them too! The likes of 'Television', with its brutal Wildhearts-like riffage, and 'Welcome To My Shangri-La' whet the appetite for album number four and show they have lost none of their knack to pen a catchy tune.




When you have songs as strong and infectious as 'These Are The People Who Live In My House' and 'Affluenza' there really is no chance of failure tonight and the crowd sing every word. The band seem genuinely humbled and surprised at the response tonight and the whole success of the Pledge campaign, looking around at the smiling faces in the sold out room it is still hard to believe this band were on the verge of calling it a day a couple of years ago.


Intense and sweaty the energy levels do not drop for the entire gig, it's upbeat in every way and pure entertainment. I hope to god the DVD manages to capture what we witnessed tonight as it could go down as a defining moment in their career.


Tonight's show felt like a turning point for the Eureka Machines, I feel the band have moved up a league, upped their game. They have outgrown the pub circuit, outgrown the support slots. They have the songs and the fan base and can stand on their own 8 feet. As far as live performances go tonight needs just one word... sublime.


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