Monster Magnet/Seventh Void - Cardiff, Millennium Music Hall - 18th November 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Nev Brooks   
Thursday, 25 November 2010 05:00

MM_5Tonight for me was a last minute affair, and this is often a sign that I'm going to see something a bit useful, or something that has re-ignited my interest in a band, and this was before I read Johnny H's review of the latest Monster Magnet album 'Mastermind'!!! (Which you can read here).  I was certainly looking forward to indulging in a night of Space Rock influenced mayhem; in a venue I rate rather highly.  The Millennium Music Hall being just the right size where when a band and audience link and the atmosphere is just incredible (for aficionados of Welsh Rock history there were posters everywhere advertising the fact they do a Bogiez night every other Saturday...sorted).


Unfortunately I arrived at the venue thirty seconds from the end of the opening act Exit_International as traffic coming into the City was horrendous, coupled with what must have been a ridiculous start time for Scott and his merry men (I got there at 7.30) the thirty seconds I managed to catch hinted at a little bit of musical promise, and I will certainly keep my eye open for a repeat showing.


So on to Seventh Void, who, if you didn't already know feature within their line up Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly from Type O Negative, along with Matt Brown and Hank Hell, and their sound is crushingly intense. 


MM_7th_2This is Stoner/Doom Metal, and there's nothing wrong with that in my book, as tracks like opener 'Killing You Slow', 'Heaven Is Gone' and 'The End Of All Time' show that this could be a band going places. The duel guitars hit the stoner down tuned groove, giving a lovely murky sound, reminiscent of early Sabbath or perhaps more recently Goatsnake, Hickey's vocals being highly reminiscent of a certain Mr Cornell and the drums and bass simply held everything tight. The band playing a segment of 'World Coming Down' towards the end of their set being a fitting homage to the Type O guys past lives.


Even after all that good music for me what made Seventh Void truly stand out was the fact they had the time to join the audience at the merchandise stall and sign autographs.  In fact walking into the Colston Hall the following night to see Motorhead I got into a conversation with a couple who had also attended this show and couldn't believe they had actually got to meet their heroes from Type O Negative.  You know sometimes it's the simple things that have the most impact.  


MM_4So onto my main reason for being here the chance to catch I band I've followed off and on for a very long time and boy did they not disappoint.  As the stage was being set up you could almost start ticking off the prerequisites for a great rock show. Oil lamp back projections (check), dry ice (check), audience up for it (check), and with this all in place away we go. Dave Wyndorf for me is THE ringmaster within the sonic maelstrom he controls, leading and prompting throughout, tracks wise by the time they hit 'Nod Scene' both band and audience are well into the groove, three guitars giving out one a hell of a sound. 


'Dopes to Infinity' and 'Hallucination Bomb' follow and its not long before the audience are eating out of Mr Wyndorf's hands and my gin is getting wider and wider.  'Medicine' and 'Look to Your Orb For The Warning" have the whole audience moving as one and numerous people around me are singing along to every song at the tops of their suitably lubricated voices. Then just when you think things can't get any more stellar Monster Magnet take off into the stratosphere with, for me, the two most powerful songs of the night in the cover of Robert MM_2Calvert's 'The Right Stuff' followed quickly by the monster that is 'Space Lord'. Or as the sing-a-long goes "Space Lord Motherfucker", and I'm still singing it three days later!


After this climax to the main set we've still got the encore to deal with, and as Dave kindly points out during the intro to 'Gods and Punks' "We're All Criminals", this is followed closely by 'Bored With Sorcery' and 'Crop Circle" before The Magnet finally take the roof off with "Powertrip". 


Leaving the venue, my sense drained, I clutch my newly acquired T-shirt and strangely can't play any music on the way home, not a lot will match what I've just seen.  It certainly doesn't take a 'Mastermind' to figure out the band are at the top of their game right now just make sure you don't miss out when the band comes to a town near you soon.