The Sick Livers/XX Cortez/The Adjusters/Guntys - Abertillery, The Doll's House - 26th November 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Darrel Sutton   
Friday, 03 December 2010 06:00



It's cold outside, very fucking cold, but fortunately inside the Doll's House is a line-up of bands hot enough to warm the cockles of any heart. As the faithful mill around it becomes clear that the Great British Winter is scuppering some of the band's travel plans and seemingly deterring the already apathetic music fans that seem to blight the country's independent music scene. But fuck them, the absentees missed a treat.


ginge1First on were local faves Guntys and their infectious brand of folk punk. Recently stripped down to a lean, mean, live four-piece they get everyone in high spirits with their drinking anthems both for and about drunken idiots. 'Dan Thomas', 'Staggies' and a few choice covers get the beers flowing and everyone warmed up nicely.


A slight reshuffle sees Southampton's XX Cortez take the stage next and, fuck me, they fairly blow everyone's heads off. The sheer pace and passion of their set, as they rip through the bulk of their stunning 'Hands Up' album, is breathtaking. Bristling with attitude and great songs they are a total phenomenon. When people are muttering comparisons to early Damned you know you're watching something special and if you weren't there tonight you really do need to be at one of their shows soon. Blinding.


Following on from that, the pace drops slightly but the entertainment value increases as the inimitable Sick Livers hit the stage to 'Hell Of A Girl'. Playing a slightly truncated set, they are still on sparkling form as VJ, Dai and Matty provide the musical bullets to Ginge's machine-gun humour as they knock out the timeless love song 'I Was Born To Fuck Yoash1u Baby', their bang-on version of Turbonegro's 'Denim Demon' before eventually leaving us with their new anthem 'Rumney Rock City', complete with a fairly doomed attempt to replace "Rumney" with "Abertillery" in the chorus (fucking stupid multi-syllable town names). Another Livers' gig, another room full of smiling faces. Some things never change, thank God.


Last up, having endured what sounded like the journey from hell, are The Adjusters. Travelling 200-odd miles to the Welsh valleys and arriving at 11pm to play a 30 minute set takes some dedication and it's all credit to the lads for making it and even more credit to them for putting on such a storming performance. Bringing their Heartbreakers vibe screaming into the present day they knock out all the good stuff from their recent 'Reckless Relations' album, with a stonking version of Motorhead's 'Bomber' thrown in for good measure, and finish the night in great style. Ash and the boys show, along with the other bands tonight, that the future of British music is in good hands, if only more people would get off their apathetic arses and support them.


A top night from four bands who deserve your undivided attention.