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Friday, 10 November 2017 04:40

A new venue for me tonight in Jimmy's brings intrigue in itself. Having not heard of it before, despite the regularity of gigs I attend in the city, I check the location and realise I must have walked past it countless times. Quite fitting that I'm taking in an up and coming band then, in Puppy. They've not even been together for two years yet, but seem to be amassing quite the following, which is an achievement in itself in these days where almost everyone seems to be in several bands.


Puppy 2


Anyway, on to the gig, it was. As seems to be constant now, there are several gigs on the same night, with The Raven Age and Make Them Suffer both playing within reasonable proximity - will this hit attendance, like I've seen a few times recently?


Jimmy's has quite an American feel to it, Route 66 kind of vibe. Quite compact, but in the cosy sense, rather than stuffy. I grab a drink and move downstairs to the gig room. Still quite small, but probably a good size for an up and coming band, to give a properly intimate atmosphere. The music before and between bands is excellent, with Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and the like setting the scene well for the bands and it has people nodding and singing along.


Autumn Diet Plans Facebook cover photo

First on are the support band, Autumn Diet Plans. There are maybe 20 people in, but this quickly starts growing as the music commences. There is a shoegaze/post-punk feel to their music, as they try for an atmospheric and melodic sound. The effects on guitars are perhaps a touch overkill, but the room is now a third full and still growing and they seem to be holding peoples' attention, if not quite getting much applause at the end of tracks. They are maybe lacking a charismatic frontman to grab the attention, as although not bad musicians, it doesn't quite seem to work for either myself or the crowd. Not to say they're awful, just not very memorable. It's a decent performance from them, but not one that really sets the room alight, which the muted applause from the two-thirds full room at the end of their set attests to.



On to the headline act now, and Puppy straight away have the attention fo the audience. From the off, there are people dancing to the music, towards the back, heads nodding and feet tapping. The room is almost full as they come on and Puppy treat us to music quite akin to The Pixies, Sonic Youth (minus the distortion) and the Smashing Pumpkins. The vocals are also quite reminiscent of Billy Corgan, which adds to the feel of it. There is an electricity in the room while they play and it's clear that this is really working for the crowd.


There are efforts to engage with the crowd between songs, adding to the feel of the gig, drawing people even more into the web their music is weaving. Vocal harmonies abound throughout, with a very melodic touch both musically and vocally and it's easy to see just quite why Puppy are gaining the recognition that they seem to be, as quickly as they are. They more than make amends for the support and have the crowd shouting for more after the set, which sadly it seems they do not have the time to do. An excellent performance and a band I shall definitely come to watch again in future.


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