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Written by Geno D and Bona Bonmeister   
Friday, 03 November 2017 04:40

It's Saturday night and Sheffield is celebrating Halloween a bit premature - but then again, this is Sheffield and when Evil Scarecrow brought this party last year it was a big success. So, tonight everyone (except for us) is dressed to the hilt in their bloodiest Helloween attire and raring to get things started.


Evil Scarecrow poster


The evening started with Sheffield's very own Black Moon Rising, who had the Corporation technical demons and crew getting a work out, as the monitoring system decided to pack in  as soon as they hit the first note. But, being professional and not letting this get to them, they gave the crowd a stonker of a set. While the sound is deeply engorged in heavy metal, their thematic workings and stories weave a great soundscape, and are dark and funny. The crowd are into helping keep the band in focus and by the time they are finished the response is loud. 


Next up are Bleating Apocalypse. Now, these Sheffield guys having been kicking up a storm over the last couple of years, and when they hit the stage some of the monitor demons are still there. However, like the headliners, this is a very tongue in cheek band. The gags, one liners and punch lines are delivered with confidence and preparation.  To be fair, any band that has made a design dark lord of Laurence LLwelyn Bowen and has a song about "Countdown" does deserve some kudos. Which only highlights the fact the rock and metal is supposed to be fun, and friggin’ is, and the crowd do enjoy it as well.


Finally, Evil Scarecrow take the stage – and, from the start, the audience is in stitches and in a singing and dancing mood. After the whirlwind of gigs these guys have chalked up over the last 18 months, the precision timing and execution is spot on. The ad-lib moments don't go astray either but even then it is a laugh (Technology was the song that was being played when the guitar amp went). 


Evil Scarecrow


All the cast are there:  Crabulon, Zelda, the Librarian etc... but the evening is a party and, while everyone is enjoying themselves, there is one moment I cannot forget… When the band started ‘Dance Of The Cyclops’, everyone was instructed to grab a partner and waltz. So, like obedient minions, the audience did just that and grabbed whoever was next to them and waltzed. While we were standing at the back we noticed three very experienced silver haired foxes: they had come to enjoy an evening and they grabbed a hold of each other (three partner waltzing) and gave me a good moment of how to enjoy life and music. Smiles on their faces, all dressed in orange and black pumpkin outfits and not giving a damn about anything. 


When Evil Scarecrow were asked about why they do it the response was "we let the audience take us on a journey. The fans are the reason we do it.” And, to be honest, nobody left that venue unhappy or not laughing about how good it was.


While the band will be getting ready for the studio and the next chapter of the crazy rock ‘n’ roll journey they take us on, Sheffield will be waiting for their inevitable return.


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